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What things I should keep in Mind after having a Hair Graft?

Last updated on December 26, 2019

Given the imminent fashion of the hair graft, it is necessary to raise awareness of the population of the second phase of the process: hair maintenance. This a priori can generate some concern among readers since; surely, they understand that grafted hair does not fall out. This is partly true since a good practice of hair surgery requires extracting hair from safe areas; those that the doctor knows from alopecia know that they will not be affected by dihydrotestosterone.

However, we must be very aware that the hair that was still maintained yes can fall over time. To avoid this loss it is necessary for the patient to carry out medical treatment, which will always have a permanent character. Otherwise, after a few years, the hair that was kept will fall leaving new bald areas.

If you notice weak hair it is best that you look for the cause that causes that weakening. The causes can be the most varied: hormonal changes, poor diet, associated diseases, some medication, etc. Whatever its origin, the professionals can make a proper diagnosis of your situation and recommend the solution that best suits your case.

These are the things you ought to be worried about to keep up the best hair transplant in punjab.

Occupation– Normally, the patient can join the following day. Despite the fact that everything will rely upon your activity, since in which it is important to try or wear a protective cap, for example, development, you should hold as long as about fourteen days to join or even a month, contingent upon the case.

Sports Activities– You can’t play sports during the main month. On account of physical games, for example, hand to hand fighting, the rest time frame keeps going as long as 90 days.

Mitigating– During the principal week, it is regular to take hostile to inflammatories since it is typical to have a to some degree kindled head in the postoperative time of the FUE technique, the result of the serum and anesthesia.

Exercises that include perspiring Activities– that include perspiring during the principal week ought to be evaded however much as could be expected.

Top and caps– During the initial three days the head must stay revealed, it is just permitted to wear a top that applies little weight during the primary week and tight cap from the month.

Haircut-It is conceivable to trim the hair with scissors following three months of the mediation and to pass the razor you need to hold up a half year.

Sleep– The primary week it is fitting to lay down with an inflatable neckline to keep the stance face up.

How to wash the hair after a graft?

After a hair graft, it is prescribed to wash the head with warm water from the fourth day. The most ideal approach to do it is with unpretentious contacts, without scratching and tenderly drying it with paper. Just from the main month, it is prudent to dry with a towel. It is likewise from day 30 and not before when the patient can wash or submerge in the ocean or the pool.

In the giver zone, it is conceivable to see a tingling and bothering during the main days with the goal that physiological serum can be applied to alleviate them. Likewise, in the benefactor zone, you can apply some salve or aloe vera gel that is as unadulterated as would be prudent.

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