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4 Facts About the Merrimack College Bachelor Degree Completion Program

Last updated on April 28, 2021

In uncertain times and after an unconventional year, more students than ever are looking to use lockdown and quarantine time to increase their skills, finish off degrees, and be better positioned for the job market across all industries.

The great news is that schools like Merrimack College are now offering online bachelor’s degree completion programs that are giving undergraduate students the opportunity to get ahead from their home offices. If you’re considering completing your undergraduate degree and maybe have goals of applying for a master’s degree program in the future, read on to learn about Merrimack College’s degree completion program.

1. Online Learning Experience


A quick Google search for “Merrimack College Bachelor Degree Completion Program” will point you in the right direction of an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to finish up a degree, regardless of background. Through this program and a simple online application, students can combine old credits from other colleges and universities to finish out their undergrad studies. One of the best parts about this program is that it can be done online, making it accessible to people from all over the United States and even the world.

2. Individualized Studies and Program Paths


Many students with years of job experience and part of their studies completed in a different industry have hesitated to finish their degrees because of the assumption that applying to a school will mean starting over. In reality, Merrimack College offers a program where students can create their own path through an individualized study degree in a variety of coursework areas. In connecting with an academic mentor, students can make up their own degree schedules for a program that makes the most sense to their life experience and prior courses.

For those who aren’t sure if a path could be created for them, the admissions department can connect students with professors in all academic programs for more information.

3. Credit for Real Life Experience


At Merrimack College, enrollment comes with appreciation for real-life experiences. Considered much like an internship in a traditional full-time and in-person undergraduate degree program, work experience can add up to credits that will put you closer to your bachelor’s degree than you might think.

Maybe you’ve spent twenty years working in the retail industry and have a lot of experience in marketing. Someone like you could apply that real-world experience, combined with a prior associate’s degree, into a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

4. Assigned Career Mentor


Upon acceptance into Merrimack’s online program, students are assigned an academic advisor to work with them on a degree path that makes the most sense. Through the school’s Pathway Program, students of all levels of experience and training will also have access to specializations in areas including Business Studies, Communication Studies, Health & Wellness Studies, Leadership Studies, and Psychology Studies.

At the end of the day, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed things for most people. No one can predict the future. For people who’ve lost jobs, are working remotely, or who are insecure about whether they will be able to return to their jobs after the pandemic, now might be the right time to tie up old loose ends. The degree program at Merrimack College could be something to look into how to be better prepared to tackle the challenges that come with living in an unconventional time period. If you’ve always wanted to finish up your degree, give the school a call now and ask to speak to them about their online program, financial aid, the admissions program, and how finishing your degree might ultimately give you more opportunities in the future.