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5 Key Features of IPTV Platform for a Successful Video Streaming

Videos of any type and format are in demand among viewers, and companies and organizations can take advantage of that. They can create their own video content regardless of sphere to generate additional revenue and build strong relationships with your customers.

To achieve this goal, businesses should have an IPTV platform for creating a video streaming service. But there are a lot of solutions in the market. Each offers different sets of tools and features.

Here are five essential functions to look for when choosing an IPTV video streaming service.

#1 IPTV video transcoding

When you run a video streaming service, you should take into account that viewers watch content on different devices with various technical requirements. They watch videos in different sizes and quality and with varying internet speeds.

Some people use smartphones, while others like viewing videos on big Smart TV screens in HD or 4K. Some viewers have fast internet speeds, while others watch content on slow internet speeds.

Meeting customers’ requirements is crucial for providing a smooth user experience. Here, IPTV video transcoding gives you a helping hand. Due to transcoding, a video will be adjusted to meet the technical requirements of a user’s device.

#2 Security

Today, security is a paramount factor for content creators as it influences their revenue. Some viewers would share their account credentials with their friends or relatives. Also, some malicious actors would want to consume your content for free. Moreover, viewers would probably leave their personal details like a credit card.

All these points out that security is crucial. When choosing an IPTV solution for video streaming, pay attention to security capabilities. The platform should have DRM (Digital Rights Management) that protects your content from being stolen.

#3 Analytics

If you want to grow and enhance your video streaming service, analytics tools are of vital importance. Analytics data show the performance of your service, the most and least watched content, technical problems, user behavior, and many other essential parameters.

Analytics is a powerful tool for learning your audience and their preferences. The more you know about these people, the better experience you can provide them. You understand their needs and can fulfill them.

#4 Features for user experience

Providing a seamless experience to viewers is essential for your further relationships with them. When people don’t find what they want in your service, they leave. Often, to your competitors.

To increase customer retention, it is essential to provide viewers with features that make their experience with the service outstanding. Examples of things that appeal to customers are multi-platform capabilities, personalized recommendations, multiple pricing plans, multi-profiles, and others.

These features help you create a personalized experience for every customer. As a result, people get what they want from your service and become regular users.

#5 Multiple monetization models

You put a lot of work and effort into creating videos and running a video streaming service. You certainly want to receive revenue by monetizing your content.

You should choose an IPTV solution that offers you a range of monetization models. Among the common ones are advertising, subscriptions, pay-per-view, and a hybrid approach. Choose the one that suits your business goals.

Final Thoughts  

Various IPTV solutions for video streaming provide different features, which means that the experience for viewers and for you will be also different. You should do thorough research to find the solution that can fulfill your needs. Consider what functionality you want on your service to bring you the most revenue.