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5 Sneaker Collection Staples Every Sneakerhead Needs

Whether you’re a fan of sneakers because of their style and comfort or want to try to beat Jordy Geller’s world record for the largest sneaker collection, you need to know where to start.

When investing in sneakers, you’ll need to purchase more than just shoes! While they’re the stars of your collection, keeping essential tips on hand is crucial to keeping your sneakers in good shape.

If you’re looking to grow your sneaker collection, knowing what to invest in is crucial to purchasing and keeping your kicks in perfect condition.

1. Everyday Sneakers

Though some sneakerheads refuse to wear their sneakers to ensure they stay in mint condition, if you’re looking to rock your kicks daily, you’ll want to invest in the best options.

One of the most comfortable everyday shoes you’ll want to keep on hand are a classic canvas high top. These are great as they provide comfort and style, making them easy to pair with any outfit.

You’ll also want to invest in your for your daily rotation are Air Jordan 3s. These are a staple to keep on hand since they’re in limited release, especially if you’re a Jordan sneaker collection. Plus, men’s and women’s Jordan 3s look great a little beat up, meaning you won’t have to worry about keeping them in prime condition; they’ll look great either way.

Finally, the most essential pair of sneakers for everyday wear is a comfortable pair of knit kicks. These are an extremely comfortable option, as they are sleek, breathable, and simple to wear. Pair with jeans and a simple tee shirt, or wear them to the gym for an effortlessly put-together look.

2. The Iconic Shoes

One of the most iconic shoes of all time is the Air Force 1’s. The famous design is most commonly worn with monochrome outfits, thanks to the all-black or all-white color scheme, meaning you can pair them with nearly any outfit without worrying about clashing.

Another one of the shoes that every sneakerhead should have in their collection is the Adidas Superstar. Unlike many other shoes on this list that are popular due to basketball players wearing them, these shoes have become a staple of the soccer world.

Though soccer players don’t play in them, many fans and players wear these shoes on their off days, paired with the classic tracksuit look.

Finally, another staple in any sneaker collection is a pair of New Balances. The chunky design and unique color combinations might not make this the easiest shoe to style, but it will force you to get creative with how you plan to wear these shoes.

3. The Rares

When sneaker collecting, you may not be able to invest in the rare sneakers of all time in the beginning. In fact, many of the shoes you purchase may eventually become rare over time! However, if you’re instant upon getting a pair, you’ll need to expect a hefty price tag.

For example, the pair of sneakers Ye himself wore at the 2008 Grammy’s retailed for well over quadruple digits. One of the first collaborations Ye did with Nike, the Air Yeezy 1s is a rare shoe that could break the bank.

However, you can find more affordable, depending on your definition, options like the collaboration between Kyrie Irving and Sneaker Room. Sneaker Room x Nike Kyrie 7s are difficult to find in great condition but can run you well over 1,500 dollars for a pair.

4. Cleaning Supplies

Once you’ve established your collection, you’ll need to invest time and money into ensuring your shoes stay in great condition.

Whether you wear some shoes every day or want to clean the ones that have collected dust after sitting on display, ensuring you have the right tools and products to keep your sneaker shoes collection clean is crucial. After all, you’ve spent a lot of money on these shoes, so you’ll want to ensure they stay in good condition.

While different materials require various products and tools, generally speaking, you can use many of the same items across different sneakers. For example, you’ll need a soft-bristled toothbrush to reach the small crevices, a melamine sponge to remove stubborn scuffs, and a microfiber cloth to wipe away dirt.

However, depending on the material, you may also need a suede brush to help keep the texture of the shoe in good condition, as well as a leather conditioner to prevent specific shoes from drying out.

5. Proper Storage

Finally, you’ll want to ensure you invest in proper storage for your collection. Though it’s not as exciting as buying a new pair of shoes, investing in the products to keep your collection protected is just as essential.

Generally, many sneakerheads will invest in storage where they can put their favorite pairs of shoes on display. This keeps the shoes visible, which helps collectors take pride in their accumulation.

However, you’ll likely have sneakers that don’t fit on your displays. You’ll need to be mindful of where you store these, as moisture and temperature can wreak havoc on the shoes. Choose a cool, dry, dark location to house the rest of your collection.

Create the Perfect Sneaker Collection

Whether you already have a solid sneaker shoe collection started or you’re beginning from nothing, keeping this guide in mind is crucial to helping you stay proud of your progress.

If you’re ready to start your sneaker collection, you’ll want to check out the rest of our website. There, you’ll discover more of the best fashion and lifestyle tips and tricks to help you look and feel your best.