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5 Ways to Make Self-storage Affordable

Self-storage is a great way to store extra belongings, but the cost of self-storage can be prohibitive for some people. There is a solution, though. You can look at strategies on how to reduce costs but at the same time have enough space to store everything that you own.

This article, therefore, comes up with ideas for five ways you might like to consider in terms of achieving affordable self storage.

Opt for Monthly Rates

Look for self-storage facilities that offer monthly rates instead of per-item rates. This will save you money in the long run.

This is a matter of searching online for the self-storage units near to you and then seeing how the company would charge you for renting one. If you don’t immediately see the finance option you were hoping for among the displayed rates, then you can always make contact via the website to check.

Seek Out Discounts Available

Ask about discounts. Many self-storage facilities offer discounts for seniors, military personnel, students, and AAA members.

There are also often discounted rates for the first month of self-storage. This allows people to try them out to see how much they can benefit from such a solution. Anyone can take advantage of these.

Such units have to make a difference when you give them a chance because everyone must feel better with fewer objects surrounding them that can be a health hazard to trip up over. We collect objects that look nice at the time. That is until we acquire too many of them and they all end up one mass to look at. We become possessive over them and do not want to sell any, so the solution is to house them elsewhere but still own them. This is where self-storage units provide the ideal solution for the collector.

Rent the Right Size of Storage Unit

Rent a storage unit that is the right size for your needs. Don’t overpay for space that you won’t use.

Think of allowing room for expansion with your storage unit but not too much that you will end up paying for. At the same time, allow enough space for when one change of season might mean that your storage unit has more to have to accommodate than another.

Compare Prices

Compare prices of self-storage units before you rent. Be sure to compare the price per square foot, as well as any additional fees.

Ensure that you are comparing like-for-like and that you have taken into account size differences and the facilities one offers over another. For example, does one offer more security than another? Is one unit on the ground floor to allow you to drive right up to it and drop off a heavy or awkward wardrobe? 

Only Use for Essential Storage

Use self-storage only for items that you need to store. If possible, find alternative storage solutions for items that are not so precious or you can live without. For example sheds, garages, as well as friends or relatives might be able to help you out with storage. Do not risk a friendship, though, over trying to store something with them for too long. 

Alternatives to keeping items might be to donate them to charity. Then you will feel like they are going to a good cause, at least. If they stay within the family you have not lost them, either. If you sell, them you will feel better if you obtain a good price. Perhaps on an internet auction site.

Consider storing only your more precious items in self-storage as these will be protected by enhanced security and climate control. These might include musical instruments that are very sensitive to changeable conditions.

By following these tips, you can make self-storage more affordable and save money in the long run. Self-storage doesn’t have to be expensive, or for everything you want to store, and by following these tips, you can make it work for your budget.