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5 Wedding Gifts for the couple who loves to travel

If there’s one thing you need to know about millennials is that they love to travel. Millennials today are spending more and more money on travel these days. Travel is a great way to learn new cultures, learn about different people, beliefs, etc. Many couples also spend a good amount of time planning their honeymoon and travel to places they’ve never been to. So to them, great wedding gifts would be something that’ll help during their travel.

So, here are the 5 wedding gifts you must give to the couple who loves to travel!

#1. Travel Vouchers/Gift Cards

Needless to say, the air tickets cost a major chunk of a couple’s travel expenses. What’s more, you can also create a group gift and ask your friends to contribute towards making their dream holiday come true. This is one of the most popular wedding gifts added by couples these days to their gift registry too! The most popular gift cards added are from MakeMyTrip and Cleartrip.

#2. Customized Honeymoon Travels

This has gained popularity in recent years. What it means is that instead of the travel company deciding your itinerary, you can design an itinerary to suit your taste. The travel can be tailor-made to suit your interest which can make it more memorable for the couple. They can choose to explore the place as and when they want it and don’t have to rely on the schedule of the travel guide. Who wouldn’t love a tailor-made vacation for themselves? That’s why this is one of the greatest wedding gifts! Some companies that offer this are Broken Compass, Pickyourtrail, etc.

#3. Dream holiday package

If the couple getting married are travel bugs, what better gift than gifting them their dream vacation. You can give them a package tour to their dream destination. You can also make this a group gift and ask your friends/colleagues to make contributions towards the holiday package. That’ll make things much easier for everyone.

#4. Travel accessories and gadgets

Travel accessories and gadgets have become an intrinsic part of traveling today. It’s as important as documents these days. Imagine traveling on a 20hr flight with no earphones and to make more horrendous, with a crying baby! That just seems like an impossible task. For a travel duo, noise-canceling headphones, silk eye masks, customized passport holders and luggage tags, memory foam neck pillows, etc. would all make for wonderful gifts.

#5. Cash

If you’re unsure about anything on the above list then the best gift to give the couple would be cash. Cash has no expiry date and the couple can use it as and however, they require. It’ll definitely be useful to them when they’re traveling. It can help them pay the bills, use it for ai tickets or even buy knick-knacks during their travel. This is one of the most useful gifts you can ever give. So, if you’re unsure about any option, cash is definitely the next best.