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7 Tips for Running a Successful Book Release

If you are a professional writer, and you are planning on releasing a book of your very own, you should make it as memorable as possible. Remember that there are a myriad of other aspiring authors out there, and if your book release is subpar,it will surely not make an impact with potential readers. If you want your book release to do well, it is important that you have a set strategy.Here are 7 tips for running a book release.

  1. Have a Set Budget

One of the main challenges of planning a book release is the budget. Remember that any type of event requires money to run properly, so before you invest any money on the project, you should set a budget for yourself. By doing so, you will minimize any chances of you overspending.

  1. Choose a Fitting Venue

If you want your book release to be successful, it is important that you choose a great venue. Remember that you will potentially  have a lot of people attend the event. However, if your venue is too small, then it would be difficult to have everyone inside the venue.

When you choose your venue, it is always a good idea to scout it out first. Make sure there is ample room for booths, a signing table, and storage area for your books.

  1. Create a Website for the Event

When it comes to planning a book release, a website is key.  Remember that in order for people to know about an event, they will need to get notified and told about the details. By setting up a website, you will have a platform from where you could notify potential attendees.

The website should contain all the necessary details of the event. It should also be as attractive as possible in order to attract more attention. Aside from making the website attractive, it should be easy to use as well. Nothing’s more annoying than trying to navigate through a website and getting nowhere.

  1. Invest in  Quality Booths

During your book release, you will need to install some booths to the venue. You will need booths because you will want to separate aspects of your book release such as your book signing, your book selling area, and the booth where you conduct interviews with your potential fans. Getting booths could be somewhat difficult because most booths are large, unwieldy and difficult to transport. This is where companies such as Aplus truly shine: they are a trade show booth builder, and have provided quality booth options consistently to various events throughout the world for a long time now.

  1. Reach out to Influencers

If you want your event to get as much media coverage as possible, it is important that you reach out to online influencers as possible. In this day and age, a majority of people often look to online influencers for tips on which products or brands to use. In the context of the literary world, the most important are book bloggers. These influencer’s main niche is to create reviews or articles about specific books.

A few months before the event, it is important that you send out invitations to as many book bloggers or professional writers as possible. Remember that most of these influencers are very busy, so you should not feel insulted if they fail to come. However, if one or two could make it, you should be as grateful as possible. These influencers are under no obligation to visit your book release, and the fact that they would take the time to go to your event is a great honor. Some influencers do charge a certain amount to attend an event, but this is expected. Remember, that their presence will really elevate your event, so a fee is to be expected.

  1. Have a Book Reading

Yet another way to make your book release memorable, is to have a book reading during the event.  Readers always love to hear book readings because it is literally the author reading the book to them. Many readers often consider this an honor.

When you have a book reading, you don’t need to read your whole book. Instead, it is better if you choose a chapter from your book. Better yet, you could have your audience choose the chapter for you. It is also important that you provide the guests with comfortable seating arrangements, and your sound system should be sufficiently strong enough to reach everyone.

While  you start reading your book, it is important that you modulate your voice. Don’t rush it. When you read the verses, you should address your audience. Make them feel as if they are also part of the process. Savor every moment of the reading, and give your audience a great experience.

  1. Give out Freebies

It always pays to make your book release as festive as possible. One effective way to do that, is to give away freebies. Your freebies could be a variety of things. It could be a copy of your book or some bookmarks, or a keychain with some excerpts on it. If you are going to give out freebies it does not have to be expensive. Instead it should be memorable. It should remind attendees that they went to your book release, and that they enjoyed it.

As a rule it is better if you give out the freebies after the event. Some people would just go into an event to get freebies. So as a way to minimize these instances it is best if you give out freebies at the end. Giving out freebies might be a bit expensive, however, they are worth it because you are creating a good impression with potential readers.


When it comes to releasing a book of your very own, you will need to be as prepared as possible. Remember that there are thousands of new books being released every day, and if you don’t have a set plan, you won’t make an impact on the publishing industry. With these tips you’ll be able to plan a great book release.