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A Beginner’s Guide To Sales Tax: What You Need To Know


If you are doing your business and want to continue it lawfully, you must know your state’s sales tax filing rules. If you do not possess the right idea about it, then you cannot file the tax in the proper manner. 

There are several basics for the sales tax return that you need to remember while planning for the expansion of your business in the USA. If you do not have any idea about the country’s sales tax rules, you must consider the points that will help you govern the sales tax rules in your country.  

Important Aspects Of Sales Tax Rules In USA  

There are multiple important facts that you need to take care of while you set the important tax rules in the USA. Therefore, let’s explore some of the important facts in light of this matter to get a better insight into it.    

1. Sales Tax Is Governed By The States  

Every business is equally responsible for paying taxes in the USA. One important fact that you need to keep in mind here is no federal sales tax in the USA. Currently, there are forty-five US States. The district of Columbia collects the sales tax in 38 states. There are certain cases where the local sales tax is always higher than the statewide sales tax rate. In the Forbes site, the golden rules of sales tax and its uses are clearly mentioned.   

2. You Can Only Collect The Sales Tax If You have The Nexus  

The Nexus is just a fancy way to say that your business is well connected to a state. It also helps to collect the required amount of the sales tax from your buyers. In your home state, you will have the Nexus. There is also the possibility that in additional states, you will have the Nexus for which something you need to keep an eye on. There are certain things that your Nexus have in other states includes are as follows 

  1. Employees. 
  2. Physical Location. 
  3. A dropshipping relationship. 
  4. Inventory. 
  5. Temporary sales. 
  6. Affiliate. 
  7. A stipulated volume of online sales.   

3. You Need To Register  For Sales Tax Before You Collect It  

You need to make the registration of the sales tax before, and you need to acquire the sales tax permit before you collect the sales tax from the customers. You need to register with the state taxing authority. It is also known as the state department revenue. The state tax laws can affect your business significantly.   

4. You Need To Collect Sales Tax From All The Channels 

You may have retail chains in a different part of the state. In such a scenario, you need to collect all the sales tax revenue from all the channels. You may have brick and mortar retail stores and a shopping cart that collects your customers’ money through your payment gateways. To channel this thing properly, you need to collect the sales taxes from all your retail chains and channels that you have. 

 5. The Sales Tax Rate Can Vary   

The sales tax rate may vary from one state to another as per your origin and destination. Based on the business location, the origin-based sales tax is collected. In the case of the destination-based sales tax, it is collected based on the buyer’s location. Therefore, depending on your place, you need to decide the amount of tax rate, you need to determine what tax rate will be applicable for your business.    


The sales tax rates depend and vary from one state to another. You need to consider several facts while you want to collect the sales tax from your customers. The way of registration must be perfect for getting the registration of the sales tax in the right way. Therefore you need to know the law of the land correctly before you start collecting the sales tax from the customers. Make sure you commit as few mistakes as possible.

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