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Bath Songs to Make Bathing Fun for your Stubborn Toddlers

As we know, singing kid’s songs to your toddlers have many benefits, and our ancestors had many different verities of kids’ songs ranging from lullabies, rhymes, to bath songs, food songs, potty training songs, and songs for every purpose. However, with hectic schedules and the modern-day whirlwind of hectic family life made it difficult for the parents to find the right moment to sing for their kids. At pre-school and kindergarten, they tend to learn rhymes, and there are plenty of kid’s songs on YouTube and other channels, but have you heard of bath songs?

Bath time is difficult with some stubborn toddlers; however, it is an ideal time for the parents to some multitasking to grab their attention and get them relaxed. There are many things you can do to make bathing fun. All the things are important, including ensuring the water temperature, level of water in the tub not to scare them, and also making arrangements for some bathing toys.

Most importantly, singing while bathing your little ones is fun, and you can even make it educational to motivate the little ones to take a relaxed wash. At the end of a hectic day, there is nothing better than a relaxing sing song with your little toddler. A bath song will help grab the attention for a while, and the rhythmic tones will also help you to do the bathing tasks too in that rhythm without irritating them.

How does a bath song help?

With irate toddlers, bath songs will help make bating an interactive experience. Even stubborn toddlers will get engaged with the fun things in it if you can sing a fun song about washing them up. You can research for bathing songs online or try to make up one by your own by including their name or pet name in it. You can get a lot of ideas on YouTube and other kid’s channels on the internet. A classic bath song will help you to effectively progress through the different stages of cleaning child with matching tunes.

Kids usually find bathing as a boring or horrible experience, and their fear of water also may be one reason. Once if you make them feel that they are fully involved and let them make their decisions, they tend to become more willing for it. Let them do the fun activities like picking the towel before you put it in or help or show them how to form bubbles out of the baby soap or foam used to clean.

Other bath time fun

Bath toys are ideal for making bathing time more exciting for kids. You may get some rubber ducks floating on the water, boats, or little floating toys to grab their attention. However, using too much of such toys may be overwhelming. Try to rotate the bathing toys so that they don’t get bored by seeing the same thing over and again.

You can also find bath crayons and fun soap etc. to make bathing a fun and engaging activity. However, bath songs come for free and also help in the learning and development of your kids too if you use those effectively.