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Have You Ever Considered Buying a Property in Phuket?

It might at first seem like a dream but there are companies out there who can help you to achieve it. Is it not everyone’s dream to buy a property abroad, either as a main home to live in, somewhere to retire to, or to holiday in? There are some very exotic locations to choose from. This article will consider one of the locations that is becoming particularly popular, that is Phuket, and consider why so many people are buying properties there. You can click on to see what one company is offering in terms of the properties available.

The Location of Phuket and What It Offers 

The island of Phuket is one of Thailand’s most popular tourist attractions. This is due to its beautiful sandy beaches, blue waters, and delicious Thai cuisine. The island can be described as a place to relax, or for those more adventurous, somewhere that has excellent diving and snorkelling facilities. There is plenty to do and enjoy whatever your age or family situation.

Situated on Phuket Island, Phuket is the capital of the Phuket Province of Thailand and has plenty of history. Its 1903 mansion, which was built by tin merchant Baan Chinpracha, features floor tiles that are Italian in origin, windows with shutters, and contains antique furniture. The manor that was built in the 1930, houses a Thai Hua Museum which exhibits Phuket’s history and culture. Thalang Road has colourful 19th-century shops and Sino-Portuguese buildings.

Normally held in September or October, the 9th lunar month on Chinese calendars, there is the Phuket Vegetarian Festival to enjoy. This is a spectacularly colourful event which celebrates the Chinese belief that abstaining from meat and other stimulants will help achieve excellent health and peace of mind.

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Types of Properties Available

Phuket’s residents and tourists live in villas, apartments, and condos. The villas can be sea or beach front properties. The villas can be luxurious. All requirements can be catered for.

A villa is a comfortable space that can have the privacy of its own garden, an idyllic landscape to view, and be near to the amenities. 

An apartment is a smaller unit within a larger block. For those on a smaller budget, it offers its occupant lower maintenance costs but still the opportunity to experience the wonderful outdoor activities and climate that Phuket has to offer.

A condo differs from an apartment in that it is owned and managed individually under the HOA (Homeowner’s Association). This can be with the assistance of a property management company.

Reasons for Buying a Property

There are numerous advantages to buying a property abroad. Apart from its investment potential, the property can serve you well for holidays. It can be a place that you go to regularly and enjoy. A familiar place that is warm and sunny in the seasons when back at home it is wet and cold. A principal reason for purchasing a second home is that it will be somewhere that experiences a warmer climate. Phuket can certainly offer that. April and May boast the hottest months when it can reach 40 degree centigrade. On average, September to December will be 31/32 degrees centigrade.

In terms of its investment potential, Thailand offers stability in relation to prices and high returns.

In relation to accessibility, there are direct flights to Thailand from many other destinations, such as Europe, China, The Middle East, Australia, and Russia, via its international airports in Phuket and Bangkok.

With regards to the type of lifestyle experienced in Phuket, Thailand offers its residents low taxes and a lifestyle that is relaxing.

So, whatever your lifestyle and property needs, Phuket has plenty to offer in terms of climate, culture, adventure, and investment potential.