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How Long Do Motorcycle Tires Last? 3 Things You Should Know Before Going on a Long Road Trip

If you’re planning to take a cross country trip on your motorcycle, it’s understandable that you’d want to be prepared. Aside from making necessary travel and lodging arrangements, part of being prepared for a long road trip on your bike is ensuring that your gear is up for the trip. Perhaps no aspect of your motorcycle is more important than your tires when you’re planning a major trip. Especially if you only ride your motorcycle on the weekends or occasionally during the week, it can be hard to discern whether or not your tires are going to make it or not. Just to be safe, it’s a good idea to keep the following three tips in mind as you plan your road trip.

The right tires can make all the difference

Having high-quality motorcycle tires is worth the investment when it comes to long road trips. However, just because you’ve purchased a well-manufactured tire doesn’t mean that the tire itself is the right choice for the road. If you’re planning on taking a trip offroads at all when you’re riding, you’ll probably want some off-road tires. At the same time, if you only plan on riding on the highway or street, cruiser tires may be a better option, since they’re specifically designed for the road. If you’re after the best of both worlds, a dual-sport tire is the way to go, since they’ll be able to let you tackle asphalt or rougher terrain. For adrenaline junkies who want to ride at the highest speeds on the road, sport tires are your ticket to a thrilling road trip. Making sure that your bike is equipped with the right tires is vital before you set out on your trip.

Worn down tread is a sign you should replace your tires

Generally speaking, the best way to ensure that your tires are in good condition is to take a look at the tread. If the tread is wearing down, you’ll want to replace your tires, since that’s a sign that they have eroded a lot while you’ve been riding. In some situations, the front or back tire will be worn down, while the other tire may still be in good condition. Even so, it may be worth purchasing a new tire for the front and back wheel, since you’re about to go on a long trip. If you have any questions about your motorcycle’s tires, it can be worth seeking out a second opinion from a local mechanic.

Make a plan in case of emergencies

Although you may equip your motorcycle with the proper tires and inspect them thoroughly before your trip, there are always situations when you may face an emergency on the road. Whether it’s from hitting a pothole in the road or running over a nail, glass, or other debris in the street, there may come a time when your tire may go flat or begin to deflate. Getting a plug or patch can be useful for these emergencies so that you can get your motorcycle to the nearest automotive shop. Speaking of which, it’s generally advisable to find several mechanics with positive ratings along the route you plan on traveling so that you don’t have to search too far in an emergency. Having a plan to fall back on when disaster strikes can help you face any obstacles you may encounter on your road trip calmly.

When you’re going on a long trip, it’s a good idea to make a checklist before you head out. This advice goes double for motorcycle trips, when you’re more exposed to the elements. By following the above three tips, you’ll be able to have a safe and fun road trip, no matter where your travels take you.