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Is paraphrasing and summarizing the same thing? Here are the differences?

Most of the peoples think the paraphrasing and summarizing have the same purpose in literature but they are completely different.

Their working, their purposes, as well as their outcomes are entirely different from each other. If you are not aware of both of these terms then this article is for you.

In this article, we will discuss a brief about paraphrasing and summarizing.

What is a Paraphrasing tool?

The paraphrasing tool is the tool that is to change the words of a context but keeps the meaning the same. The Paraphrasing tool is also known as “paraphraser” and is available in a vast range on the internet.

The paraphrase tool is commonly used for making the content unique by making the difference in the words between your writing and the source.

An efficient paraphraser is capable of keeping the original meaning of the content while changing most of the phrases and words inside the content.

This professional paraphrasing tool is common for most professionals because they utilize it in their business writing.

What is a summarizer?

People assume the summarizing tool to be relevant to the paraphrasing tool but this is not an entirely accurate concept.

The summarizing tool or summarizer is an online tool that creates short content to summarize the whole of the content within a paragraph.

It is indeed the overview of the whole content argument which is discussed inside the content. For example, if a research paper is written into 6 pages then the summarizing tools can make the concept of all the pages into a single or two paragraphs.

Uses of Paraphraser and Summarizer

·        Paraphraser

To make the content unique: The most important and common use of paraphrasing tool is to make your content unique. It changes most of the words and differentiates the words between your written words and the source.

To make the betterment in the words: Sometimes, if the writer is not a native writer, He can utilize the paraphrasing tool to make most of the words effective and good. For example, the paraphraser is capable of changing the simple words by their synonyms which looks better.

To generate quick articles: Most bloggers usually use this tool to make quick articles for their blog. To meet the standard of consistency, they usually go for changing the original words and make it unique to publish the article on their blog.

Making assignments unique: This is common that the students copy the assignments of their fellow but to make it unique, a paraphrasing tool can be an effective option.

·        Summarizer

The summarizing tool too has different uses while the usage of this tool is not specific. Here are some of the common uses:

To make the overview: Sometimes, the presentation is too long that it can’t be delivered within the time. For example, 4 students are collaborating for a single presentation and upon delivering, they can use the summarizing tool for making their presentation short while delivering the same concept.

To make moral of the story:If you are researching or writing a review about a particular story, you might not have enough time to read the whole of the context. Instead, you can use the summarizer to understand the moral of the story and write accordingly.

To write the conclusion: Being a content writer or blogger, you can use the summarizer to conclude your whole article. This way, you can save a lot of time as well as the conclusion through a tool is more efficient as it considersthe whole of the article.

Difference between paraphrasing and summarizing

Paraphrasing Summarizing
Paraphrasing is the changing of the words of someone else’s writing or ideas without giving the credit to the original author or source. The original meaning is kept the same but the sentences and the phrases are not the same. The summarizing is keeping the same concept and meaning but by compressing it into an overview of the whole writing.


The quantity in the paraphrasing is almost the same as in the original writing. The purpose of the writing is just to change the words not the length of the context The summarizing of a text is always smaller than the original because it doesn’t include the explanation of each sentence instead it just highlights the main facts. The outcomes of the summarizer are enough to explain the whole writing into a single paragraph.
Paraphrasing is commonly used for removing plagiarism by changing the copied words with the unique synonyms Summarizing is used to get the main idea or concept of writing and this is commonly used for making a “Conclusion” or “summary” of an article.


This article clearly explains the usage of the paraphrasing tool as well as the summarizing tool. Many of the peoples think that the paraphrasing and summarizing tools are for the same cause as just to enhance the writing of content.

However, both of the terms have different usage as mentioned previously in this article. Both of these processes can be used over a single article.

For example, if you want to change the wording for making the article unique then the paraphrasing tool can be used while on the other side if you want to conclude this article then you can utilize the summarizing tool.