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Paying guest accommodation in Perungudi, Chennai

A person living with an unknown family paying for his lodging and food availing other facilities like an attached toilet, television, Wi-Fi connection is called a PG or Paying guest. Chennai city is now booming in this business.  Students or IT persons are looking for this privilege.

A wide variety of options are there .PG may select a room or flat or an entire house and the cost varies. These places are rented for about 6 months and even longer.

The minimum rent begins from six thousand five hundred rupees. The charge varies according to the locality the guest selects. The accommodation charges vary on the choice of occupancy. There are many choices like it may be a five sharing accommodation to a single or twin to three or four sharing rooms.

Conditions for rent

In general, a paying guest taking the rent gives the rent of one month as an advance. Also few owners give accommodation the guest without any deposit. The deposit is returned under few conditions.

Many owners complain about receiving certain amount as security deposits as the PG in perungudi vacant their room. The reason behind this is the owners need at least a month notice to refund the deposit of the guest. Many guests fail to give any prior information if they need to   shift to some other place on an immediate notice. In many cases the owners fail to return the deposit as they had no prior information.

Facilities included in PG accommodations

The city of Chennai provides you various kinds of accommodations for the PG.  These are furnished ample luxury if only it fits your pocket.

  • Foods served are South Indian and North Indian, Multi-Cuisines, Tamilian style, Kerala Style or Andhra Style.
  • The guests are given separate lockers, wardrobes or cupboards.
  • TV sets either LED or LCD
  • Mineral Water for Drinking around the day.
  • Self-cooking facility with fuel and cooking utensils. Additional charges are taken for the fuel and cooking utensils provided by the house owners.
  • Attached Toilets.
  • Twenty four hours running cold and hot water.
  • Parking facility for small cars and bikes.
  • Internet Connections
  • Rooms with sofas and television
  • The PG of high paid have GYM facility also.


Single houses rent are high comes with a security deposit of ten months along with electricity and water bill and more. best PG in perungudi has to have self-cook food. But in PG system a monthly advance gives the PG facility with the basic need like food a proper furnished place to stay WIFI connection and more.

Special securities for ladies

The female PGs are given a special security by the government. The accommodation has to be furnished with CCTV Camera, Security Guard for protection of ladies or girls.

Quality of food

The local families of Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh living in the city provide cooked food for the paying guests. So the people choosing to avail paying guest accommodation in Chennai gets healthy as well as home cooked fresh Indian food.