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Popular Pizza Toppings That You Must Try

Are you a Pizza person? Because here we have some great pizza toppings you must try! You can order your pizza online from Ovenstory and don’t forget to use their discount coupon to save money.

Ovenstory is my go-to Pizza Restaurant because they have some really great and exotic Pizza toppings options. Some people like to order the usual Pizza because they don’t wish to experiment with food.

But here we have some popular toppings that you must try. If pizza is your favourite food, then explore these topping choices. In this article, we have listed a couple of toppings which taste good on Pizza. If any of these toppings are new to you, then you must try them.

  1. Pepperoni

For most of us, there is no Pizza without Pepperoni topping on it. The soft and smoky texture of pepperoni over the cheese Pizza Crust is the perfect cure for cravings. Pepperoni is meat fermented, smoked, dried, and stuffed into a casing.

The flavour comes from the pepperoni spice blend which has Paprika, Garlic, Black Pepper, Crushed Red Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Mustard Seed, and Fennel Seed. Pepperoni is officially one of the best toppings on Pizza. In fact, to your surprise, there is a National Pepperoni Pizza Day which is celebrated on September 20th.

  1. Mushrooms

Mushroom Pizza with Mozzarella Cheese is one of the best Pizza options. For mushroom lovers, this is an incredibly breathtaking option. If you haven’t tried mushroom pizza yet then you must try it and enjoy its savoury flavours.

Pizza with a mix of fresh mushrooms adds texture contrasts, and it is extremely flavorful. Mushrooms are first sauteed before they are added as toppings to get rid of the excess water content. It also brings out the delicious flavour of the mushroom.

Also, some restaurants serve mushroom pizza along with caramelized onion and a ton of cheese. You can try this combination and trust me, and you won’t feel disappointed.

  1. Olives

Olive are common toppings on Pizza which goes well along with roasted red peppers and sundried tomatoes. Black olives are firm in texture and taste mellow. They are commonly used as toppings in sandwiches and pizza.

Olive is not everyone’s favourite when it comes to Pizza Toppings. But when served along with other toppings like cheese, spinach, chopped tomato, onion, and mushrooms, it tastes great.

Also, black olives are extremely healthy and good for the diet. It has unsaturated fats which help in lowering cholesterol. It helps in fighting heart problems as well. It contains flavonoids and polyphenols which absorbs the nutrients present in other toppings present on Pizza.

  1. Spinach

Many of you may say straight no to Spinach on Pizza, but it’s high time you must try spinach topping on Pizza. Spinach, Cheese and Basil spread evenly over thin-crust tastes heavenly.

Spinach adds a different colour to Pizza profile. Spinach Pizza is quite famous among vegans and vegetarians. But if you are not one of them you can still try this outstanding Pizza. For topping spinach leaves are first boiled and then added to the spicy sauce.

If you are planning to try some new toppings on your pizza, then you can definitely go for spinach on your Pizza.

  1. Sausage

For non-vegetarians sausage is a great option of toppings on Pizza. If you are craving for a meaty Pizza, then you must go for sausage.

Sausage is flavourful, and it goes well along with green capsicum, bell peppers and onions. It is the second top most popular pizza topping. There are different types and flavours of sausages used as Pizza toppings, but classic sausage pizza is the most ordered one.

In some restaurants, you will find sausages crumbled over Pizza but it is definitely better if it is sliced and added on the top. The crumbles may cover all over your Pizza, but the flavour seems to be lacking.

  1. Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers are my personal favourite veg topping because it tastes excellent with meaty toppings as well as with veg toppings. Red and green bell peppers add a textural element on your pizza when they’re on top of it.

Bell peppers also add colour to your Pizza. While choosing between bell peppers, you can consider the red one before the green because it is a healthier choice. Red peppers are more nutrition-rich compared to the green ones. The red ones have got almost 11 times more beta-carotene and 1.5 times more vitamin C than the green peppers.

So, this was our list of popular Pizza toppings. There are several other pizza toppings and many different lists of Pizza toppings you will find online. But the most important thing is your eagerness to try something new. Experiments do fail, but you will learn nothing new of you to play safe. So, try different toppings on your Pizza and keep exploring new flavours.