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The Different Ways of Attracting a Female

The first impression we make while dating is likely to be from our appearance. It will to an extent depend on where we are meeting. Whether formal attire is required for entry, or if a more casual look is accepted by the venue. To get this wrong will instantly make the wrong impression unless your date has a particularly strong sense of humour and the venue are particularly understanding. Then, as you get closer, it will be about the smell that you are giving off. The hope is that this is from a good cologne. In a raw chemistry review, pheromone colognes were particularly popular, as they are thought to attract women to you. Then, of course, as you get talking, your personality will also come into play.


In a recent survey conducted of 1,000 women, nearly 40 percent found men wearing casual outfits attractive. 17 percent chose jeans and a t-shirt as their favourite of all the possible outfits a man could wear. Specifically, a white t-shirt with blue denim jeans. This is to alter the tradition that most women are attracted to a “man in uniform”, as the expression goes. Even suits will now be more commonly worn without ties, for a more casual look. Casual looks are perhaps trending because it has the potential to put a woman more at ease and make her feel more relaxed in not having to compete against any formal tradition or expectation.


In terms of applying a good cologne to the skin, a man should perhaps think beyond shaving and towards a product range known as RawChemistryPheromones. These are reputed to increase the sexual attraction between dating couples. Is it not worth giving something a try that is the equivalent to an aphrodisiac? That is, a food that stimulates sexual desire. Foods such as: oysters, watermelons, strawberries, figs, spicy chili peppers, or chocolate. And surprisingly, artichokes and asparagus. Well, the same goes for colognes and perfumes. Pheromone products can have a similar effect. It is about experimenting with which one produces the best results for you. You cannot really go wrong as, either way, you are going to smell nice and pleasing to the other person.

For information on aphrodisiacs, you may find the attached article of interest.


With regards to personality, there may not be much that we can do to change our personality, other than suppress it if we think that someone else might find us annoying. It is sometimes possible, though, for others to have such an effect on us that our personality temporarily alters or mellows.

Part of having a likable personality is about saying the right thing, and more importantly, at the right time. It is customary, for instance, to complement the opposite sex on their appearance. As they might do in return. If you have paid attention to the above, then you may be complemented on the cologne that you are wearing. It may go beyond just recognition, though, as it may also stir something up inside your female companion that has you both making excuses for leaving the restaurant early.

Thinking further about personality, it can be as much about having personalities that complement each other. So, it may be wise to seek out someone who would seem compatible before meeting them. Dating websites make this easier by including personality traits in their profile matching. For instance, are you outgoing or reserved? It may seem the right thing to do to make your personalities the same, but on the other hand, opposites can attract. It is all about what works best for you from past dating experiences.

In summary, there is much to think of when going on a date in terms of appearance, the scent we give off, and in the personality we display. There is nothing like a good pheromone cologne, however, to make things interesting.

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