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The Pros and Cons of Fire Tables

People in the United States of America are spending more time outdoors, with the average American spending 14 hours weekly outside post-pandemic. More families than ever are flocking to their outdoor entertainment spaces, as decks and patios are becoming extended living areas. Fire tables are among the best investments to make the most of your backyard.

Fire tables are the perfect home addition to add a luxurious feel to your backyard decor. You can keep your friends and family warm during those chilly nights you’ll never forget. You can light up the night with the best types of fire tables on your patio.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to picking the best backyard furniture and fire pits for 2023. Keep reading to create a desirable entertainment space today!

Pros of Fire Tables

It’s safe to admit that fire tables offer impressive benefits for homeowners who spend much time outdoors. Combining a table with a fire pit maximizes your patio or backyard space. Adding a touch of luxury to your entertainment space also never hurts.

Here’s a closer look at why so many homeowners are jumping on board the fire table train.


Fire tables are the perfect outdoor furniture if you plan on hosting guests and family members for memorable nights in the backyard. You can have thoughtful conversations and laughs as you drink your favorite beverages and lounge near the fire table.

They’re also perfect for the age-old tradition of roasting marshmallows over a fire. You can bring out your inner child when spending time with your favorite people around the fire pit or table.

Makes Your Backyard Furniture Stand Out

Your fire table will also allow your backyard furniture to stand out. Many homeowners have patios with typical tables and umbrellas, but few have a fire table that provides heat and light when hosting guests on your patio. It’s the perfect investment to make your home’s backyard stand out for the right reasons.

It’s a great conversation piece, as well. Expect your guests to rave about your fire table at your next family gathering or summer party.

Lower Energy Bills

Another notable perk of investing in fire tables for your patio or backyard is the energy savings you’ll generate. Having a warm and comfortable space in the backyard means more time spent outside and less time running the HVAC or playing video games. You can lower your energy bill and decrease your household’s carbon footprint by exploring the types of fire tables for sale.


You can also count on your fire table to produce ample warmth for your guests when you’re hosting a party on your backyard patio. It’s the perfect home addition if you live in a cooler climate since you can enjoy the radiant heat from your fire table throughout the year. You can stave off those chilly nights with one push of a button, thanks to CJ’s Home Decor.


Your home’s fire table also acts as an effective way to cook meals when you’re hanging out in the backyard. Most tables are limited to holding drinks and food, but a fire table allows for that as well as cooking abilities. You can easily handle cooking tasks like roasting marshmallows or grilling burgers and hot dogs.

Your fire table will create the feeling that you’re cooking at a campsite as you did as a kid. Find a straight stick and create the perfect tool to cook hot dogs and brats to perfection over open flames. It’s an excellent way to make the most of the outdoors with the most important people in your world.

Cons of Fire Tables

Fire tables sound pretty spectacular if you’re looking to invest in more backyard furniture, but you need to know about the other side of the coin with these cozy patio additions. There’s a safety aspect to consider before purchasing a fire table or pit for your deck or patio space.

Here’s a deep dive into the cons of purchasing a fire table for your home.

Safety Hazards

Safety is the number one goal of homeowners nationwide. The fact is that a fire table creates dangerous situations since open flames are involved. Those dangers grow when you add inebriated individuals into the mix.

It’s essential to keep flammable items and chemicals far from the fire table to prevent accidents and injuries. Paper plates, napkins, and plastic cutlery are all dangerous items to place near the fire table. Preventing fires is a sure way to keep your family and home safe after you upgrade your backyard furniture.

Child Hazards

You also need to be extra alert with your children when you’re using a fire table in your backyard. It’s quite possible that your children will accidentally burn themselves when the fire tables are in use. Ensure that your children avoid playing near the fire pits and tables when you’re using them to host and entertain your guests.


It’s no surprise that fire tables are expensive. They’re an excellent way to add value to your home, but it’s best to ensure you have the funds to acquire this backyard upgrade. A fire table can cost up to $2,000, but it’s worth the price if you spend considerable time outside.


You’ll also need to handle and pay for more maintenance with fire tables than you’d need with a fire pit. Always cover your fire table when it rains, and consider washing it before and after each use.

Consider Adding Fire Tables to Your Backyard

Fire tables make a welcome addition to any homeowner’s backyard, as they provide ample light and heat to keep your friends and family warm throughout the year. They’re a luxurious item that will allow you to make the most of your patio space while lowering your energy bills. The drawbacks of all types of fire tables are their costs and maintenance requirements.

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