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3 Elements of Surprise to Reveal To Create a Memorable Event in Dubai

One of the most influential tools you have on event planning is the element of surprise; surprises are methodically verified to be one of the strongest ways to involve a crowd or audience, because “novelty stimulates memory.” Who doesn’t want to attend a memorable event with an event company in Dubai?

With that said, we want you to have the most unforgettable events and feel accountable for offering you the incentive and tools to have a memorable event. Here below, you will notice 3 wild ideas that include a Kabuki Drop (SPOILER ALERT), a CO2 Blast and a Flash Mob!

1. The Kabuki Drop

An act of modern-day, Houdini-type magic, the Kabuki Drop was rendered in connection for Batman’s disappearing act. For example: have you ever seen a movie where a dramatic film character throws a purple powder violently to the ground, stuck in a tight situation, and immediately thereafter, a Flash! And a Bang! Leaving the character of a tragic film gone without a trace? If not, otherwise I hope you’re already getting the idea. The Kabuki Drop is the real variant of the disappearing powder. Still not catching the drift? The Kabuki Drop’s structure is ideal to hide or expose actors, speakers or otherwise the main attraction by using a lightweight cloth that is lowered out of the roofing framework.

2. CO2 Blast

What better way to shock the viewers than with a loud, clear blast of air from a CO2 Blast! Imagine this: 4 canon-like structures positioned at the front of the room, facing the audience at an angle of 45 degrees and right when the participants least expect it… Bang! A CO2 Blast paired with perfect hype-song and crazy lights, sending chills to the toes from the ears. This event is on par with being in, to say the least, a 5 Chewing Gum ad will be recognized for years to come by those in attendance. Bing, Bang, Boom, unforgettable events.

3. Flash Mob

The infamous Flash Mob swept over the nation and infiltrated the internet a few years ago and it is certainly a sensation on the internet; this Flash Mob is perfect for creating memorable events and can highlight the experience of a participant. Hiring professional event companies in Dubai will help you organize a memorable event experience! A few ideas to effectively involve a Flash Mob at your next event is to make it a simple series of moves where a large crowd can easily catch with the prompted movements related to the event’s Flash Mob.


We really want to be champions of memorable events and, in effect, optimize the excitement that guests have in redeeming the time spent by event planners organizing those particular events, and we hope that these ideas have motivated you to create your own memorable event experience.