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Colombo: What Are The Places That Make It A Worth Visiting Spot For Travellers?

The Capital city of Sri Lanka, Colombo is a port city and have a rich colonial heritage. On its Western coast is a potpourri of races, cultures, and religion. This city is a contrast itself having mansions, lavish gardens, fine dining options, shopping malls filled with expensive designer brands splashing next to urban slums and street markets; whatever be the case, if you love to explore new places then you would love Colombo.

In India, people love to go on vacations when they have a few days off. Some families even take leaves from the office to explore new places. This time why not you just plan a visit to Colombo? If you live in Madurai, then you already live in one of the oldest cities in India. It is Tamil-born and Tamil-rooted city. It is metropolitan that traded with ancient Rome and even a great capital long before Chennai was even was in imagination. It would be a nice experience if you go to Colombo from this place because you would experience something similar and distinct therein that you can relate to. Moreover, the icing on the cake is Madurai to Colombo flight fares are not much, and you can reach there within an hour. Anyhow, to excite your traveling buds, even more, have a look at a few things you might want to do in Colombo.

Explore the entire city through a tour

Hop on board the thrilling open deck double decker of the Colombo City Tour to explore and witness the charm of Colombo. You can feel the streets; explore the heritage, lifestyles, and different areas of this city through a single tour. You know what sometimes a single ride gets you the taste of the city.

Go to Galle Face Green

Relish the colours of the falling sun and rolling waves of this Indian Ocean while enjoying some scrumptious local street food. Galle Face Green is one of the stunning places in Colombo.  It is popular among people for an evening walk to relax or for a tiny workout such as jogging or running to get the energy levels up. The Beach stretch that used to keep the canons of Dutch is presently a wonderful place to relish a relaxing evening in Colombo. If you want to take a breath of fresh air, then you must halt at this place.

Visit Gangaramaya Temple and Seema Malakaya

Get ready to experience one of the strangest Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka (relative to the other typical Buddhist temples) that has turned out to be an absolute charm to the city of Colombo having its distinct exhibits and Buddhist ambiance. Hundreds of Buddha statues, the beautiful puffed Elephant and other special gifts from devotees are some chief highlights of the place.  The travellers fall in love with these gifts. The Gangaramaya temple and Seema Malakaya situated next to Beire Lake is actually a ‘must-visit’ in Colombo. You can explore the charm and artistic vibes at this place.

Thus, check out the flight fares from Madurai to Colombo and go for this expedition. This Colombo trip will definitely give you a ravishing time.