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Create Videos That Inform and Inspire

Whether social media is for business or personal use, you must consider yourself as a contender who aims to have a wide reach on every post. So, we listed common types of content that you have probably tried:

1.Blogs are a personalized website that has different topics that interest audiences such as travel, food, etc. It is typically written in an informal and conversational way.

2.Listicles are articles that are written in a list form that is direct and uncomplicated.

3.Use of infographics gives factual information and data on a specific topic. It is a combination of text and photos.

4.PhotoJournaling helps you tell a story through pictures with a little text. Photo journals are mostly laid out chronologically.

However, the era of reading written texts has gone and videos are the new strategic and trending approach. Videos have various forms from GIFs, webinar recordings, live videos, and vlogs. Today, videos garner 1200% more engagement than text and photos.

Professionals in the industry add subtitles which help people who may have a hearing problem. Others go a little more out of the box by using green screens, resizing videos, incorporating filters, and color grading. These are a few ways of manipulating video contents to your preference.

But to gain more reach and engagement, you have to start with conceptualizing videos that appeal to your target audience and target partners. Especially today, we see short videos on TikTok which easily become hits and go viral.

The next question is: what are important factors to consider when creating a video content?

1.Type of Video Content

There are various types of videos that you can choose from. Some examples are: animation videos, educational videos, tutorials, documentaries, testimonials, or even instructional videos. Now, think about what kind of video is best for you. Deciding on this from the beginning is imperative in moving on the next step.


Knowing the type of video content you’re creating will lead you to formulate an outline. This outline will secure the flow of your video and will determine what information MUST only be included. Important information can be placed on your video as texts to highlight your point. Remember to keep your netizens hooked and interested!


Another factor you need to be consciously aware of is the video’s duration. Usually, social media contents are targeted to basically anyone on the internet. Thus, it is vital to think of how long a viewer would stick to your video before scrolling. So, another MUST is indicating a time limit.

4.Quality Appearance and Aesthetic

Lastly, what do you want your video content to look like? You can create a mood board to map out pegs. You can also go for the famous or the trendy aesthetics to capture attention from viewers. Here’s a tip: you can now lower the size of your video without losing its quality! Compressing your videos helps your post to load faster making sure your audience sees it in a snap.

After conceptualizing your video content, you can start gathering photos and maybe shoot some clips to begin video editing. To help you with this part, there are a bunch of video editing software or even websites.

Posting videos will increase your engagement online. This means a great deal of viewers liked and shared your videos. And as a contender in the arena of social media, you’ll gain plus points from your viewers for producing video content!