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Hair Styling Tips To Add Volume to Your Hair

Last updated on July 26, 2023

Having a negative self-image is challenging to overcome, and one of the biggest causes of these negative feelings is one’s hair. An estimated 30 percent of people in the United States of America struggle with their appearance, but using the best hair styling tips is a sure way to overcome those feelings and promote self-confidence in daily life.

Adding volume is one of the surest ways to style your hair in a way that shows off its beauty. You don’t have to live with hair starting to fall flat when you use the right tools to add volume and style to your luscious mane.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect hair styling guide to make the most of your hair in 2023 and beyond. Keep reading for beneficial tips and advice to style your hair.

Buy the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Your hair products play a massive role in adding volume to your hair. It’s best to look for conditioner and shampoo products that help volumize your hair. Taking care of your hair and adding volume starts in the shower, and cutting corners won’t get you the results you crave.

The ingredients in these hair products will help you reach your goals and achieve the style you want. You wouldn’t use oranges to create lemonade, so don’t use a non-volumizing shampoo if you’re trying to add more volume to your hair.

It’s best to check your options online for volumizing shampoo and conditioner products. Consider reading online reviews and checking forums like Reddit for the best products. You can make a shortlist and narrow your options to add volume.

Your washing technique also affects the way you can style your hair. If you know you have fine or damaged hair, take extra care when washing it in the shower. Use shampoo at the roots of your hair and apply conditioner at the ends.

Fine hair doesn’t take long to look oily, but using conditioner at the ends will delay that appearance. With this technique, you’ll wash your hair less often, allowing for beautiful and healthy hair.

Brow Dry Your Hair Upside Down

It sounds crazy, but using the correct hairstyle tools appropriately will help you enjoy more hair volume. One of the best hair styling tips to add volume to your hair is to use a blow dryer upside down after washing your hair. You must take the proper steps to style your hair with loads of volume.

Use volumizing shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair in the shower to get started. You can also add volumizing mousse after exiting the shower. You’ll use your blow dryer with the heat on high and turn your head upside down to start the drying process.

Add a brush when your hair is getting close to being dry, and aim the hot air at the roots of your hair to start styling it to perfection. This is also the perfect time to detangle any tangled strands after you’ve washed your hair. The last step involves using cooler air with the hair dryer to add the ideal volume before heading out the door.

Change Your Hair Part

Changing your hair’s part is another excellent hair styling tip to add more volume to your mane. It’s normal for hair to lie flatter if you’ve used the same part for years, but changing it will reinvigorate your hair and provide more volume when styling it. Try changing your hair’s part to a side or middle part to increase the volume and appearance.

Changing the part will encourage your hair to have more life and lift. Consider spraying a volumizer product and this hair volume tool at the roots of the hair to add tons of volume and texture to your hair. You’ll love the lasting results you get when you change your hair part for a new appearance.

Try Using Rollers

Rollers are an old-school method to add tons of volume to hair, and they’re not obsolete if you’re looking for some tried and true hair styling tips. There are tons of advanced hairstyle tools on the market, but you can trust hair rollers to get the job done. They’re your best bet if you want stunning curls.

Use rollers on your hair after your hair gets closer to being dry when you finish washing your hair. Lift your hair from the crown and roll down the hair toward the root to get more volume and curl from your hair. The bouncy waves and curls this method generates are a sure way to add to your appearance and confidence when getting ready for your day.

You can also try another classic method from the old-school hair styling guide. Teasing your hair is a successful technique you can use to add volume by using a fine-toothed comb. You’ll need to apply this technique to your hair’s roots, but you’ll love the way it looks when you’ve finished the styling process.

Alter Your Diet

Your diet has a massive role to play when you’re looking for new hair styling tips. Hair is a product of protein, and adding more protein to your diet is a sure way to start adding volume to your hair. You don’t need to spend big bucks on the newest hair products when you’re getting essential nutrients and vitamins for healthy hair through your diet.

Knowing the best vitamins for hair volume is a vital way to get the hair you crave. Look for foods and supplements that contain Vitamin D, Zinc, fatty acids, and Biotin to start adding volume without using hairstyle tools. You can also combine the best hairstyling tools and products with an adjusted diet for incredible hair.

Fish is an excellent addition to your diet for voluminous hair. It’s high in protein and fatty acids, allowing you to style your hair like a movie star each morning. Eggs are another essential for a full and healthy diet and healthy hair since they contain high levels of Biotin.

Add more beans and meats to your diet as well since protein is the primary building block for hair. Taking these steps will put you on the right track to making the most of your hair styling tips.

Get a Professional Hair Cut

Professional hairdressers know all the best tips and tricks to help you add volume to your hair. Taking lifeless hair and giving it a new lease on life comes with the title, and it’s an excellent path to take if you’re looking at adding volume to flat hair. Many people walk into the barbershop or hair salon feeling low about their hair and walk out with new enthusiasm and happiness.

Ask your hairdresser to add layers to your hair if you have naturally straight and fine hair. You can add movement to your hair with this cut without adding thinness near the roots. A bob is an excellent cut to pursue if you have thin hair but want to use hair styling tips to add volume.

Short hair is less likely to lie flat, creating the impression of more volume. Don’t get too attached to your long hair if your goal is adding volume and creating a new look.

Consider Using Color

Another hair styling tip you can use to trick the eye is to add color to your hair. Hair contouring is an excellent and affordable method to add volume and color in one swoop. It allows for a head of hair that looks fuller and healthier if you feel self-conscious about your mane.

Try a Hair Mask

Hair masks are essential hair tools if you’re trying to add health and volume to your hair. It’s a method worth trying if you have thin hair since the mask nourishes your hair with moisturizing nutrients. It’s best to use the hair mask a few times weekly to keep your hair hydrated and healthy.

Masks also keep the frizz away from your hair, making it easy to style your hair to perfection. You’ll feel a surge in self-confidence when you start using a hair mask frequently.

You can also combine your hair mask with dry shampoo to add more volume to your hair. Dry shampoo works by absorbing the oil at the root of your hair. Your hair will get far more lift when you’re using the right hair tools and products for adding volume.

Try These Hair Styling Tips for More Volume in 2023

Achieving greater hair volume is much simpler when you’re using the right hair styling tips for the perfect look. Knowing the proper way to wash and dry your hair will help you style your hair to perfection, as will getting a cut that adds volume from a professional hairdresser. Try using hair contouring, teasing, and hair masks to add volume and nutrients to your stunning mane.

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