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Microneedling: Jennifer Aniston’s secret formula for Facial Scars and Aging Signs unveiled

Puncturing your skin several times at once sounds scary, right?

But believe us, it’s almost painless!

This sounds hard to believe, but we are talking about certified aestheticians in proper clinics, not a mad doctor in a cave. 

By the way, this procedure is called Micro-Needling, aka Collagen Induction Therapy. Following, we will discuss this treatment in brief detail, but first, let’s take the lid off of some celebrities’ secrets. 

The Secret Behind Jennifer Aniston’s Youthful Appearance?!

It’s been 25 Years since “Friends” first aired. Time changed a lot of things, but Rachel is (still) charming as ever!

Jennifer Aniston turned 53 this February, but she can still give glamour models a tough run for their money!

Believe it or not, Microneedling is among the several things this Hollywood heartthrob does to maintain her youthful appearance. Who can guess she is 50 years old seeing her running around in “Murder Mystery”?!

Any Millennials Here, Huh?

Thought Not!

Millennials can never know the worth of shows like “Friends”, “Leave it to Beaver” or “Frasier.”

Back to Jennifer Aniston and her young looks, in the April 7, 2014 Issue of “People”, Jennifer disclosed her beauty regime during the interview. 

She said, “I do microneedling! I just learned about it a couple of months ago from some facialist in New York. This treatment allows serums and whatever products you are using to soak in”.

What About Other Celebrities in Hollywood?

As it would seem, Jennifer Aniston is not the only celebrity reaping the benefits of Microneedling. Other A-list celebrities like Brad Pitt, Demi Moore, Kim Kardashian, and Angelina Jolie also go under this treatment to look young.

Honestly, why wouldn’t they, Microneedling is an effective treatment, it’s an excellent alternative to sublative laser resurfacing because it offers the following additional benefits:

  • It’s Affordable
  • Keeps the Epidermis Intact
  • Takes Less Time and Doesn’t Make You Very Uncomfortable

What Does Microneedling Do for your Skin?

Microneedling can be performed at home by an aesthetician, however, it is suggested to visit a clinic. 

The procedure involves the gliding of a roller having tiny needles on the skin. These tiny needles create micro-punctures in the skin and increase the skin’s absorption ability. This enhances collagen production which minimises fine lines and scarring. 

It doesn’t matter whether the scarring was caused by acne or some other reason, Microneedling effectively fades them away.

Benefits over Laser Treatments

  • If there is scarring on other parts of your body, Microneedling can help there as well. But this treatment is primarily used for facial issues
  • This treatment offers a low risk of hyperpigmentation and scarring. 
  • It’s safe for dark skin tones and other skin rejuvenating options. 
  • This treatment is ideal for thin and sensitive skin types
  • It doesn’t remove the outermost layer of skin, thus leaving the epidermis intact. Doing so leaves room to repeat the treatment as needed
  • Some treatment leaves a distinct line or mark on the treated area; this is not the case here!

The Main Debating Point, ‘Does It Hurt?’

The pain is almost non-existent, provided the dermatologist is a thorough expert. 

Yes, there are almost no side effects or downtime thanks to microneedling.  The patient may suffer from minor skin irritation. 

On the other hand, if this procedure is not carried out properly, it may hold the potential to cause scratching, burning pain and irritation. This even includes redness and inflammation apart from bleeding, scarring, and marks that are left because of microneedling. 

To avoid these issues, it’s best to turn to a dermatologist who can recommend proper aftercare. 

Asking the dermatologist can minimise irritation and facilitate achieving the best results.

This is How it Works

Microneedling prompts the skin to produce more collagen. The pinpricks leave a slight injury and prompt the skin to respond by producing collagen-rich tissue. The newly formed tissue has more tone and texture. It’s normal for the skin to lose collagen with age and injury. 

As it encourages the skin to make new tissue, the added collagen makes the skin firm. 

Apart from beauty issues, it helps against severe issues like stretch marks. A study focused on how Microneedling can be an effective treatment for stretch marks concluded Calcium Hydroxylapatite, and Ascorbic acid combined with Microneedling can help fade stretch marks.  

Microneedling in a Nutshell 

When this procedure is carried out by a professional dermatologist, it helps to boost the penetration of topical skincare, which helps in the plumping of the skin. 

Some data shows its ability to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. This treatment also helps to improve the appearance and colour of stretch marks by creating tiny pinhole injuries. Having said that, the skin then responds by producing additional collagen which simultaneously fills the broken dermal layer. 

The dermal layer expands, and colour fades away as the skin thickens and tiny blood vessels, which give the early stretch mark their pink or purple colour retreat.

Did I Miss Anything? 

Microneedling (aka Collagen Induction Therapy) is a professional procedure that should only be performed by a certified doctor. Most people use home rollers as they appear safe and affordable. 

At first, it seems like a feasible alternative compared to puncturing your skin. But the issue is, you won’t achieve the results because punctures made during a professional microneedling treatment induce skin’s rejuvenation. The roller device only helps to brighten your skin. Therefore, if you want to fix your skin issues, you must brave yourself to go through Microneedling, and choose a professional. 

If you don’t know where to start, go to Expert App. It will help you find a certified professional.