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Household Hacks: 3 Ways to Combat Changes in Temperature and Poor Air Quality

As a homeowner surrounded by different seasons and pollutants, whatever country we are in, we look for more ways to improve the temperature and the quality of the air that we breathe. It makes for pleasanter living and improves our health. So, this article will explore some of the ways that we can achieve an even temperature within our homes or businesses while having fresh air pleasing our lungs. In addition, you can follow the link for a Free AC Contest.

Air Conditioning

One way of controlling temperatures and the air quality is to have a combined air conditioning and heating unit known as a HVAC. The idea is that the system provides the user with climate control and fresher air while increasing efficiency. Due to their improved insulations and the quality of their construction these systems will provide tighter seals in relation to reducing air flow through buildings, so that air can almost completely be regulated. For this reason, they have become extremely popular with business owners and homeowners alike.

Opening Windows

The most common way that people attempt to cool buildings down is to simply open a window. This sounds like the perfect solution in principle, but it does very much depend on factors outside. For instance, if it is hot outside then the air inside will be equally hot whether the window is open or not. So, the only situation where opening the window might provide any comfort at all is where a building is unnaturally hot inside due to perhaps machinery that generates heat. That might apply to a business but less likely a home.

For those still pursing the window idea, because it can make some difference to them, the best types of frames for hot and humid climates are thought to be vinyl frames where they are of a high quality. This is because aluminium frames tend to be mostly of poor quality, and if wood is used it will invariably rot over time.

A window that is difficult to open will deter someone from using it. The answer is to make it easier to open by using a silicone-based lubricant, which is available from most DIY or home improvement stores. You just need to spray the lubricant on a dry cloth and then wipe it along the edge of the window tracks, weatherstripping, and jamb liner. Then, open and close the window so that the lubricant is evenly distributed. This may encourage window use when a good air conditioning unit is not in place to create the full outdoor effect.

Opening windows where there is heavy traffic close to a building may be counterproductive to receiving fresh air.

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There are certain types of foods that someone can eat to cool them down. They are known as hydrating foods, and include foods such as vegetables, which contain a lot of water. For instance, cucumber, celery, and cauliflower. Cucumber contains 96 percent water, celery 95 percent, and cauliflower 92 percent. So then, to eat these foods in a raw salad is to go some way to having the equivalent hydrating effect on the body as drinking water.

Another suggestion to keep you cool would be to add ice to all your cold drinks. Not just one ice cube but several. Eating ice cubes could have a direct effect, providing that you do not suffer from sensitive teeth. Also, of course, ice cream can be chosen as a summer dessert or to provide a chilling topping. Ice lollies make an excellent treat, too, for cooling body temperatures down.

In conclusion, we can naturally, to some degree, control temperature and air quality, but mostly it needs a helping hand from air conditioning and heating systems that are available. That is, in the home and in work environments, where there are lots of people breathing the same air, and due to this, reducing its quality with every breath taken. If you live near lots of trees, or on the coast, you will also experience better air but on a hot and stuffy day may still long for indoors and the benefits a HVAC can provide. It is not good to be outdoors and exposed to the sun for too long.

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