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How to import used cars from Japan to Kenya?

If you’re like those who are willing to importused cars from Japan to Kenya, you’re not alone. The process of importing the used cars can be completed easily, that too you can carry it out on your own. Importing a used car on your own will allow you to save at least KES 2,00,000.  The majority of the second-hand cars meant for sale in Kenya are imported from Japan. Since Japanese cars are suitable for right-hand drive, they can be ridden on Kenyan roads.

In comparison to the American or German brands, the Japanese car models are said to be less expensive. Japanese cars are acclaimed for their reasonable price and quality, so people prefer to import the cars on their own at a lower price. A lot of Japanese citizens are willing to purchase a new vehicle only after a few years. So, when purchasing used Japanese cars, you’ll be guaranteed genuine mileage.

Firstly, to import a used Japanese car, you need to find a dealer. To identify the car model and the creation of the car model you want to buy, you can go through the website of a Japanese car dealer. Due to several companies’ presence you can choose from, the process of selecting a reliable dealer can seem like an authentic task. If you know what you want, this process becomes less complicated. While searching for a good seller, you must conduct good research. Contact your friends who have already shipped used Japanese cars to Kenya.

Secondly, try to learn more about the brand that you want. Define and select the model, the brand, and the manufacturing year of the car you are willing to buy. Cars used for more than eight years, as per KEBs standards, aren’t allowed inside Kenya.  The Kenya customs have enforced this rule that states, “The cars manufactured in 2008 can only be imported”. You can place the purchase order with the seller who seems worthy to you. A PO or purchase order is a request from your side which seeks your seller to give you a proforma invoice. Your PO can include the following details:

  • FOB price/information: The term FOB entails Freight on Board. Your car’s complete cost is not included in the FOB as your car has to be investigated by the JEVIC. In Kenya, the JEVIC is similar to the KEBS body. The role of JEVIC is to ensure your Japanese car’s quality standards are adhered to before the process of shipping commences.
  • CIF price: This price takes into account the cost of insurance and freight. It is the final cost included while importing the used Japanese cars. As per the number of units you want to import from your dealer, your sellers will reduce the CIF price if you negotiate a bit.

Thirdly, the final invoice or the Motor Sale Agreement Contract has to be accepted by you. You will receive this final invoice by transferring the amount to the seller’s bank account. Also, you can remit this amount through T/T or Telegraphic transfer. It would help if you asked the teller to mention vital details like engine, reference, and brand number onto the Transfer form as these are vital aspects. Before sending the transfer form from the bank to your seller, you should scan it. When your car is ready for being shipped to Kenya, your seller will notify you via email. The inspection can take place within a week or two. For your B/L or Bill of Landing, you need to verify your shipping address. The seller chosen by you will seek you to approve the address include in your B/L copies. Eventually, these copies will be successful in proving the car is legally yours. Several Japanese traders are willing to send you the B/L copies through a courier service. If you want to purchase the used cars in Kenya, you can choose to buy used cars for sale in Kenya.