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Motorcycle Racing Games Online Which You Must Play

Last updated on June 20, 2020

Who among a real game enthusiast has not played the cult classic “Road Rash” , which is among one of the legendary bike racing games there is. But that was in the past with the latest upcoming bike racing game that is available online. We are in awe and amazement with the gameplay. We all are game lovers and are crazy about playing bike racing games. Nowadays, there are many motorcycle racing games online, but many of them do not deliver up to their mark. From racing your opponents to running obstacle courses, doing stunts, have a blast going at crazy speeds, we have handpicked some of the best motorcycle racing games online.

1.   3D Moto Simulator 2

This game will surely keep you hooked onto it as it has an array of maps bike and racecourses to choose from. Get ready for a fast-paced and enthralling motorbike game that you will surely play for hours, and it will keep you entertained. In this game, you can test your biking skills by choosing to complete time trials or just by merely completing individual obstacle courses. The maps in this game are the biggest highlight, ranging from deserts to a barren wasteland and including an urban city you have it all in this game.

  1. Moto X3M

If you are a fan of obstacle courses then look no further this is the game for you. With Moto X3M you get an outstanding dirt bike experience unlike all the other online racing games this offers you a unique experience. In this game, you have to come over some fascinating and adventurous obstacle courses such as uneven terrain, cross steep obstacles and other wacky bits while you flip and perform stunts. This way, you have to conquer the various levels that change in difficulty while you survive on these tough obstacle courses.

3.   Bike blast

If you are a fan of subway surfers and temple runners, you are going to love this game. With an endless running game, you have to come across the different obstacles while cursing on your BMX through the busy streets. The most exciting and fun part is that even though it is an endless running game, it still offers you to perform stunts and increases your rank along the way.

4.   Bike Race Simulator

Unlike all the racing games avail Available online, this game has a unique experience with a first-person point of view while riding the bike, it offers you a real life like expressive. This game is quite popular only because of its thrilling experience and authenticity. In the game, you can modify your bike right down to your colour of chassis.

5.   Blocky Trails

Now this game has rather peculiar and unique gameplay, with one of its kind block obstacles. This game is more of a balancing and patient game rather than being a racing game. But nonetheless, this game will get you hooked once you get the taste of it. After selecting your rider and bike, you have to choose from a series of obstacles and carefully balance your way through them to make it to the finish line.