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Office Desk Booking Software – Reserve Workstation from Anywhere

As we step into the future the idea of the workplace is also evolving. As people in the past might have associated office with travelling to the office every day, finding their desks and starting working, today things have changed. What the industry collectively moving toward is the idea of a hybrid workspace. This means the workforce works from everywhere, home, office and at the time even when they are on a  vacation- Workaction. So then what is the future of workstations?

What does this mean for your office desks and how is it evolving over time?

The World of Office Desk Booking Software

The gap between how things work and how they will work is bridged by a lot of solutions. Desk booking software is one of the most effective and important ones of those. It is responsible for enabling the employees to book their desks from anywhere. It is in simple words the fuel that powers modern-day office desks.

In the world of office desk reservation software, there is no mess of not finding a place to sit or not sitting in the right place. There is so much that efficient desk booking can offer, like, Live Analytics, Rostering, Occupancy Reports and Finding your Friend.

Hand in Hand with Hybrid

Hybrid set-up is being adopted all around rapidly, small, big and medium-sized organizations are in a race to go hybrid. So when hybrid calls for a desk booking system that allows for employees to book seats on different days for different times, the hot desking software answers.

Some brilliant software such as the Desk Booking Software offers the Rostering feature that gives your admins the ability to schedule desks for the entire team or certain employees. Why is it important? It puts an end to the chaos. You now can monitor and control who sits where and for how long. The entire employee traffic can now be regulated by you. This too can be done anywhere.


Flexibility for Productivity

Let’s first crackdown on the flexibility bit, this is how your employees can book a workstation from anywhere:

  • Open the app
  • Check the available seats on the maps
  • Find your friends in case you wanna sit next to them’
  • Find your team
  • Select date and duration
  • Your seat is booked!

This will cut down the hassle of coming to the office and finding a seat and being worried if someone has taken your spot. This can be done through both the mobile and the web app.

Small things go a long way, you must prioritise making things simpler for everyone in your office. The easy it is, the happier the environment is and happy employees are 12% more productive.

Some Pros and Cons

As with every new thing, there are both pros and cons, we have listed some critical ones here that will help you get a better idea:


  • Gives your employees the ability to book seats from anywhere
  • Saves money through space optimization
  • Makes hybrid work efficiently
  • Desks don’t belong to anyone but can be used for


  • Can take some time to fully implement
  • More strain on IT
  • Employees can feel they are missing their personal space


The importance of adopting one is really obvious, you want your workspace to be hybrid not because it’s the need of the hour like it was during the pandemic but the way forward. They save money, sync with your hybrid work model and are future-proofing your workspace today.