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The Five Pillars of Professional IT Support

Not all IT support companies are created equal. The IT support partner you choose to partner with will have a big impact on your business and how well it performs day to day – it will also impact how quickly any technical issues you are experiencing are resolved. As a result, it’s important to consider the five pillars of professional IT support. Doing so will ensure you have a reliable and competent IT support partner on your side to maintain your network effectively, which can increase the likelihood of long-term success for your business

So what are the five pillars of professional IT support? The answer lies in flexibility, prevention, affordability, expertise and partnership.


One of the most nerve-wracking aspects of signing up for IT support can be the seemingly iron-clad, multi-year contracts and agreements some companies will sign you up to. It’s important to look for an IT partner that won’t try to lock you into a long-term contract from which your business can never escape. Instead, look for flexible, no-obligation short-term contracts – that way, your IT support company will be focused on delivering a high quality service that you’ll want to renew rather than tying you in for life.


For a modern business, every second counts. That means when something goes with your network, you’re going to need it fixed as soon as humanly possible. 

In general, there are two types of IT support – break-fix support and preventative management. A break-fix provider will respond and fix your issue when and if it arises, and charge accordingly. On the other hand, preventative management takes more of a proactive approach. This type of IT support is essentially an extension of your own internal team and will monitor your network. This means they’ll proactively pre-empt any issues and resolve them before they cause unexpected downtime, resulting in better continuity and fewer long-term costs for your business. 


Cost is an important consideration for businesses of all shapes and sizes. When it comes to your IT management company, the pillar of affordability isn’t just about ensuring your business benefits from a fairly priced IT support agreement which reflects the value you receive. A good IT support company will also look at your long-term strategy and help implement IT infrastructure that aligns with your future objectives – this means your technology will support growth within your business, which adds a degree of flexibility and adaptability when it comes to changing markets and emerging trends.


A professional, high-quality IT support company will never abandon your business in a crisis. That’s why when choosing your new IT partner, it’s important to look for an experienced company that has the expertise your business needs.

An inexperienced IT support provider might eventually get the job done, but at what cost? If they have managed to resolve the issue, how long has it taken them? With an experienced IT support company, there will be very few IT support situations that they haven’t dealt with. As a result, they’ll be able to deploy a resolution and get you up and running again with more efficiency, professionalism and care than an inexperienced company.


Partnership is perhaps the most important pillar of professional IT support. When it comes to forming a long-term relationship with your IT support company, your business is going to need a partner you can trust who is familiar with your network and IT infrastructure. After all, the success of proactive IT support is reliant on 24/7 monitoring and a schedule of routine maintenance. 

As a result, many IT support companies end up being the outsourced IT help desks for their clients and as time goes on, your IT partner will become a part of your family so to speak. They’ll understand the specifics of your business like the back of their own hand as well as have a comprehensive understanding of your history including any issues or challenges you’ve faced before. Lastly, they’ll have an in-depth understanding of your overall objectives as a business and will be actively helping you achieve them.

As a result of this shared history, preventative maintenance is almost always a better investment for most businesses. Working alongside our clients as a partner is the only way an IT support company will truly understand their clients. Doing so ensures they can react faster and solve issues in times of crisis, meaning they can help their clients when they need them most.

Final thoughts

The IT support partner you choose will depend on the specific operational demands unique to you and your employees as well as the long-term objectives of your business.

To find an IT support company, start with a simple search on your preferred search engine. You might try searching a key phrase such as IT support with your location, such as ‘IT Support Bristol’ or ‘IT Support Plymouth’. From there, it should be easy enough to find the right IT support company for you. Don’t forget to choose a company that aligns with the values, goals and demands of your business!

At the end of the day, outsourcing the management of your business network to a specialist provider is a cost-effective way of ensuring your organisation benefits from a robust secure and reliable infrastructure. Doing so can help you and your employees focus on what you all do best – growing your business. Meanwhile, your IT partner will work to ensure your network is supporting your business by proactively mitigating any challenges you may be facing. In this day and age, it’s a surefire way of staying ahead of the tech curve, boosting the productivity of your team and ultimately nurturing business growth.