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Reasons for Hiring a Law Firm for Italian Citizenship and How to Find a Good One

If you are starting the process of gaining dual citizenship in Italy, you must make a big decision: who should you choose to take you to the finish line? If you are too busy, you can engage a service provider that specializes in Italian citizenship, but for the following reasons, you should look for Italian citizenship attorneys that have a physical and legal presence in both the United States and Italy:

-Working with a firm that has US and Italian lawyers who are familiar with Italian citizenship legislation and have years of experience guiding applicants through this challenging process is essential to figuring out whether you qualify.

-Your document portfolio contains important Italian and American records. Make sure the company you hire has in-house attorneys who are admitted to practice in the US in order to legally order US vital records in the majority of US States and to be able to submit court orders to get and edit US vital records.

-Using a company with in-house Italian-based lawyers might speed up the procedure when requesting the necessary Italian vital documents from the town hall of the commune where your ancestors first came from Italy.

-The majority of applicants for Italian citizenship will submit their applications in the US at the Italian Consulate that has jurisdiction over the state where they currently reside, despite the fact that many of you aim to relocate to Italy, either to retire, work, or attend school there. If so, you should deal with a company that can assist you with fast-track application in the proper manner. Watch out for any scams while you’re on vacation in Italy that promise to give you citizenship there right away.

Is it Easy or Tough to get Italian Citizenship?

You must show that you have a good reason to be awarded Italian nationality in order to petition for dual citizenship with Italy. Applying for Italian citizenship might be easy once you are informed of the prerequisites and length of the procedure. One of the main issues is the drawn-out procedure for applying for citizenship in an EU country. It’s easy to lose motivation, therefore many people find it beneficial to speak with professionals about any issues they might be experiencing.

Why Applications for Dual Citizenship are Rejected

Although applying for dual citizenship can be difficult, the majority of applications that are rejected are the result of easy mistakes that could have been avoided. It is nearly unheard of for applications to be rejected because of bigger problems. Even if it’s consoling to hear this, it also implies that you’ll be under a lot of pressure to use factually correct knowledge on your own.

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind as you go through the evaluation and selection process so that you can pick a knowledgeable and competent citizenship lawyer.

Consult your Relatives and Friends

Ask someone you know who has likely gone through the naturalization process about the citizenship attorney they used. Inquire about the attorney’s professionalism, familiarity with citizenship law, and availability in general. This is important because a citizenship lawyer who is overworked may not have the time to give your case the focused attention it requires.


You’ll want to conduct a little more research to find out what prior clients thought of their legal services, whether you found a citizenship attorney through a professional organization or through simple word-of-mouth.

Interview a Number of Attorneys

Even though citizenship lawyers can be highly busy, you ought to be able to at least set up a consultation right away. Some lawyers charge for initial consultations, while others provide free consultations due to the large number of cases they handle. The decision to pay for an initial consultation on your own will need to be made. Before deciding, you should also have in-person interviews with at least two attorneys. This allows you to assess their working atmosphere, communication style, and level of legal experience.

Get their Payment Schedule upfront

While some citizenship attorneys may bill you a flat rate, others will charge you for their time as your case is handled. Make sure the cost schedule is thoroughly explained before continuing.