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Top 7 Winter Destinations to Visit This Year

As the world continues to heal from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, tourist spots and attractions are reopening once again. What better way to seize this year with a bang is by going on a winter vacation.

If you rarely travel, then you might wonder which destinations are the best for your winter escapade. That’s why we are glad to see you here today! Because below, we listed our top seven winter destination picks that you will surely love. That said, let’s have a look at these places, shall we?


Location: Norway

Nothing better than chilling under the night sky while watching the Northern Aurora Lights, which is only possible in Svalbard. If you’re going to travel here between November to January, you will be amazed by its polar nights.

This is a phenomenon where the sun never rises during these moments. Instead of sunlight, you will be greeted with a dark blue twilight that looks surreal and beautiful. If you’re lucky enough, you might spot an aurora borealis, which is a rare occurrence during polar nights.

Surrounding Svalbard are polar bears that are scattered along the cold rivers. There are also plenty of nearby towns and villages as well where you can grab some grub or stay in their elegant inns.

Harbin City

Location: China

If you prefer winter traveling during the new year, Harbin City has a special ice festival that is only celebrated during this time frame. You can see huge ice structures that not only you can pose for a photo but also climb on it as well.

Not only that but there are also plenty of attractions and activities that you will love as well. There are ice slides, ice skating, skiing, snowman-making contests, and dog sledding just to name a few.

Just make sure to follow safety protocols because it’s going to be crowded during this time. You don’t want to come home and find out that you have been infected with the coronavirus, right?


Location: Montana, USA

If you prefer to go skiing this winter, then there’s no better place for that but Whitefish in Montana, USA. This place has a mega ski resort at the Big Mountain, where its base is surrounded by a bustling village that’s full of shops, attractions, and cafes.

There is also a nearby lake that gives you picturesque views of the mountain and village. During peak season, this said lake will be frozen hard making it perfect for an ice skating session.

Also, always practice safety when skiing or skating, especially during winter. The weather is sometimes unpredictable and a snowstorm might appear out of nowhere. So always be prepared with the help of protective gear.

Speaking of such, high-quality gears such as goggles are a must-have. You can get them at a lower price from a reputable wholesale snow goggles company without compromising quality. Not only do these goggles protect you, but they also make you look cooler.

Uludag Mountain

Location: Turkey

Gasp in awe with breathtaking scenic views of mountains only at UludaĞ. This destination has a long cable car ride that can carry up to 80 people. Going down from the top, you will be greeted with large exquisite views of the horizon that is filled with forests below.

There is also a seashore nearby where you can take a refreshing dip. Though keep in mind that it can be pretty cold, especially during peak winter seasons. It’s also recommended to rent a car if you want to come here since it’s going to be a long ride from the city to the mountain.

Matanuska Glacier

Location: Alaska, USA

Speaking of renting cars, this is also best for visiting the Matanuska Glacier in Alaska, USA. This is one of the best places if you want to take photos, or even touch a glacier up close. Want to sit or play around such glaciers? Then paying a fee will make that possible.

Along the road, you will also have panoramic views of the Alaska Mountains that are truly awe-inspiring. Fun fact: This is the only place in the USA where you can get easy access to glaciers. So you better not miss this opportunity if you are dying to have a close-up look at glaciers.

Whistler Blackcomb

Location: Canada

Canada has been a go-to winter destination for tourists in recent years. If you are planning to travel to this state, then you should definitely visit Whistler Blackcomb. This ski resort is touted as one of the best in the country and it shows.

It has plenty of ski areas that are catered for both pro and beginners, cable lifts that give you panoramic views of the area, and myriads of shops and restaurants too. So there’s no wonder that Whistler Blackcomb is flooded by tourists during colder seasons.

There are also luxurious hotels in the nearby ski village too. We highly recommend booking in advance before it gets too crowded. Not to mention, their special Canadian cuisine is a must-try as well!


Location: Utah, USA

Last but not least, we have Midway that is located in Utah, USA. You will find lots of attractions here that will make your winter vacation worthwhile. You can ski, play with sleds, or dive into the 90-feet deep Geothermal Caldera if you want some thrill.

Though keep in mind that the water in this dive will get too cold for you to bear since it is winter. If you have previous cases of hypothermia, then doing easier activities is best for you.

The highlight of this destination is the enormous ice castle that is built by hand by artists in the state. This huge ice castle weighs around 20 million pounds and is one of the reasons why the place is crowded with tourists.


Whether you want skiing, sightseeing, food trips, or skating, these winter destinations listed above have them all.

We hope this recommendation helped you decide where to travel during winter later this year. And most importantly, be cautious around your surroundings to avoid accidents, especially when doing high-octane snow activities. Have fun.