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Understanding Your Legal Options After Sustaining a Personal Injury in Los Angeles

Accidents occur; however, if you have sustained injuries because of somebody else’s negligent actions and cannot work, you could be dealing with seemingly endless stresses. No matter the type of work you do, accidental injuries can force you to stay home for several weeks or even months as you recover from them. These injuries can include traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, back and spinal injuries, concussions, muscle sprains and strains, respiratory issues, as well as soft tissue damage. Because of the losses associated with these injuries, you may want to pursue compensation from the at-fault party. A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will increase your chances of getting maximum compensation for the injuries and damages you sustained. 

Speak with a Lawyer First Before You Settle

If you cannot work because of the accidental injuries you sustained, medical bills can add up quickly, increasing the stress of losing income. While you may want to work directly with an insurer to settle your personal injury claim, it’s best to speak with a lawyer first before you do so. Keep in mind that the insurance adjuster will only approach you in a friendly way to make you feel at ease while engaging with them. But their only concern is the interest of the company they work for. They will work hard to reduce or deny your claim. Their tactic is usually to make a lowball settlement offer, hoping that you will accept it and close your case. 

What Your Lawyer Will Do

A personal injury lawyer will outline your legal options and represent you during settlement negotiations or litigation. You may find the legal process daunting, particularly as you try to recover from a severe injury. To ease the burden and stress associated with your case, they will handle communications with the insurance company, advise you on the damages you can pursue, file the correct paperwork, and outline your claim’s value. 

If you cannot go to work because of your injury, you may want to file a short-term disability claim. Such kind of claim will give you benefits while you recover from your injury. Your lawyer can help you navigate this process.

If you have sustained an injury that forces you to miss work, the monetary and emotional consequences can be quite extensive. Missing paychecks can lead to drained savings, a damaged credit score, and missing mortgage payments. Because of this, you must understand what your legal options are.