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4 Signs You Need a Different Harness for Your Dog

Dog harnesses are a mixed bag. Many works well enough for the purpose of getting your beloved pup out for their daily exercise, but harnesses have a tendency to squeeze in on your dog’s chest or rise up when your puppy pulls. This can lead to gaps in the harness’ straps and even the potential for your dog to wriggle loose if you aren’t careful.

Finding the right dog harness for your pooch is a crucial task for dog owners, but it’s one that we often give up on after finding a harness that works “well enough.” Your dog deserves better, and you need the safety, comfort, and security of a perfectly fitted harness in order to ensure peace of mind through any conditions that you may meet on a walk with your pooch. Let’s take a look at four signs that you need a new dog harness to put on your dog’s chest.

1. Your dog pulls, a lot!

If your pup doesn’t have the best manners on the leash, then a new harness that fits snugly with additional adjustment points and better control might be the perfect way to easily and quickly correct this behavioral issue. A dog that pulls is one that doesn’t feel totally comfortable in the environment that they are placed within. Coupled with an overwhelming excitement about new smells, sights, and sounds to take in on every walk, it’s easy to see why a dog that lacks a harness with the appropriate control might pull throughout the time outdoors.

This just means that you need to provide them with more structure and a commanding leadership that they can follow. A new harness is a great way to initiate this change. Alongside a commitment to teaching your dog to walk politely along with you, the best harness is the most important tool that you have while out on a walk.

2. You’re walking a small puppy.


Another reason to find the best dog harness is that every dog is different in their physical makeup—just like every human! Depending on the breed, a puppy might grow to be mildly large within a few months, or stay incredibly petite throughout their first year or more.

Small dogs, and especially puppies, need a particularly carefully selected harness. The best harnesses for small dogs are ones with many adjustment points in order to accurately dial in the size and shape of the straps that your pup needs in order to walk safely. Harness construction tends to suit large dogs better because they are easier to design these tools for. Small dogs require specialized gear so that you won’t lose your pup when a bird catches her attention at the intersection of a busy roadway.

A walking harness that is specially designed for toy dogs, pugs, or other small breeds is an essential purchase for dog owners with these difficult to harness pups.

3. Your dog doesn’t seem to enjoy walks anymore.


If your dog isn’t his usual peppy self when it comes time to venture out into the world on a walk then you might want to consider a new type of harness for your little one. Discomfort as a result of a harness that doesn’t fit well can cause your pup to lose that intense and innocent interest in getting out of the house as quickly as possible once you open that drawer that all dog owners keep in their homes.

4. Your dog’s harness isn’t holding up to the elements any longer.


Lastly, replacing an aging harness with a brand new, top of the line model that’s lightweight and gives your pup full range of motion is a great way to pamper your pet. If your dog’s harness is becoming discolored or fraying at the seams it may be time to toss it and purchase a new one. These are common signs of the wear that will ultimately see your harness fail while out on a walk. Better safe than sorry: Replace an aging harness as quickly as possible.

Finding the right equipment for your dog is important for his or her safety and comfort. Make sure you are giving your pet the best gear around for a happy and healthy lifestyle.