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What Are the Best Pets to Keep in an Apartment?

Approximately 70% of apartment households own pets, with dogs and cats being the most prevalent types.

Finding the best pets to keep in your apartment can be very tough due to the small space. However, there are a variety of animal species that do well in small spaces as long as their physical, behavioral, and environmental requirements are met. Make sure you select low maintenance pets that are easy to handle.

Here are the best pets to keep if you live in an apartment or small space.

1. Cats

Cats are the most common choice for pets among apartment owners. These animals require less effort, are mostly independent, and consume less food and water depending on their sizes. Thus, they’re low-maintenance pets and don’t require a lot of space compared to dogs.

2. Reptiles

Although reptiles are not as social as mammals, they’re great pets for small spaces. They’re easy to take care of since they make no noise and eat less.

The best lizard species to keep as a pet include anoles, house geckos, leopard geckos, and bearded dragons. Snake species ideal for small spaces include black pythons, milk snakes, corn snakes, and king snakes.

Most reptiles feed on insects such as Dubia roaches which are quite affordable. You can find Dubia roaches for sale here.

3. Birds

Selecting smaller birds like canaries and finches as pets in apartment complexes is a good option since they can live caged. It may be difficult to keep large birds such as cockatiels or parrots since they’re loud and not allowed in some communities.

Choose birds that are light feeders, low maintenance, and quiet.

4. Fish

Owning a small fish aquarium is a great choice for apartments. Aquariums take up less space and also add a beautiful aesthetic to your place. Even better, you don’t have to worry about noises or providing exercises for your pet.

Getting a fish aquarium can also help lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and increase the performance of people with Alzheimer’s. There are different types of fish to choose from and create your style within the aquarium. You may also include some species of snails, shrimp, and African dwarf frogs in the aquarium.

5. Hamsters

Are you having trouble choosing a pet or your tiny apartment? Hamsters are an excellent option for you. They require little attention, time, and care – however, they’re fun to be around.

They regularly exercise and play and exercise by themselves, that’s why it’s important to put a wheel in their cage. You still need to clean their spaces and feed them. This keeps them blissful and leaves your apartment clean and smelling fresh.

Choose the Best Pets for Your Apartment Today

Selecting a pet for your small space is not as easy as it may look. Nonetheless, the best pets should be able to handle limited spaces so they can live happily. The options above are great picks. 

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