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Pet Tips: 3 Ways to Treat Your Dog

There are many ways to treat a dog. These range from the things that make them comfortable during their favourite activity of going for a walk, accessories that make them feel at home whilst inside it, and edible treats which are given as a reward. This article will explore all three, to ensure that your dog is not missing out on any of them.

Collars and Coats

It is first necessary to consider just who you are buying the collar or coat for. A suggestion might be that it is for both of you. We want our dog to feel comfortable and we want to feel comfortable about walking our dog. Therefore,whatever accessory we buy for our dog should look good to us and feel comfortable for our dog to wear. For instance, the range of accessories available from Fetching Ware which are pleasing and luxurious to look at, feel good, and serve a practical purpose. They represent a name in pet supplies that typifies style, quality, and purpose.In terms of quality, we want the collar to last. That is, to be hard wearing and more than capable of matching the power of our dog, despite it still being aesthetically pleasing. We can have all these things.

Collars are a dog’s most worn accessory, so they must represent your most important purchase. Quality ones represent style and value for money.

Dogs, like humans, feel the cold, so what better way to keep them warm than to give them their own jumper to wear. These come in a variety of colours that can even match what the owner is wearing. What an interesting game you could play with your dog, indicating when they are about to go for a walk by putting on the same colour jumper as your dog will also be wearing. Dogs do have some recognition of colour.

In terms of colour choice, experts agree that while dogs are unable to see or distinguish between green or red, like humans who are colour blind, dogs can see most of the other colours. This would include yellow, blue, white, black, and grey. This dismisses the theory held by many that dogs can only see black and white. So, bearing this in mind, it is important that there is a choice of colours for dogs, in terms of the collars and coats available for them.

Other Accessories

ID tags are a good idea for dogs, whether they are indoors or outdoors, as there is always the chance of escape. They represent the best treat that you can give your dog, as it does not bear thinking about how distressing it could be if the playfulness of an escape resulted in your dog becoming lost, frightened, unidentified,and unable to find its way back quickly to its loving home that you have provided for it.  Then, not just to attach any tag to it, but a bespoke designer one that would alert neighbours to it being your dog without them even having to read the tag. Particularly if down your street there are several dogs of the same breed. Having a popular breed does not mean that you need to buy a popular accessory, you can instead individualise your dog. Make it feel special.

Edible Treats

Edible treats are the hardest to buy for your dog. You can buy a whole packet of them to discover that your dog simply does not like their taste. We could pretend to eat one first, but our dog will still not simply be interested. This makes these accessories above a much safer bet to please any dog.

In summary, collars can look good and feel comfortable, coats will please your dog when it is cold, and tags will keep your dog identifiable, wherever they may be wandering.

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