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5 Stylish Christmas Gift Ideas for Fashion-Forward Men

Last updated on June 18, 2021

You’ve probably heard of plenty of amazing fashion gift ideas for women, but there’s not much out there when it comes to getting fashion items for men – which is a shame, as most men these days are just as much into their menswear as us ladies are into the latest looks.

Whether you’re buying a gift for a brother, boyfriend, husband, dad, son, male friend or other relative who likes to dress their best and look dapper as much as possible, there’s certainly a sheer amount of choice today, making it even harder to make sure that you’re picking something they’ll be happy to have in their wardrobe. So, we’ve put together some stylish, fashionable gift ideas for the fashion-forward man in your life this Christmas.

#1. A Cashmere Jumper:

You really can’t go wrong with cashmere, whatever your gender. This soft, luxurious and durable material is sure to last the lucky recipient for a long time and the comfort of wearing cashmere is sure to make it a firm favorite every time the cold weather comes back around. And, cashmere is pretty versatile; it can be worn casually with jeans and sneakers or to warm up a smarter outfit worn over a shirt and dress pants. Opting for a versatile color like black, gray or navy is a great way to ensure that the recipient can really get the most out of this gift.

#2. Luxury Underwear:

Underwear is a firm gift favorite at Christmas and while it may not be the most exciting of things to find wrapped up under your tree, there’s no denying that it’s a very useful gift. If you want to get a useful fashion gift for your husband, boyfriend or son, then why not go the extra mile and get them some luxury underwear that they might not spend the money on for themselves? CDLP underwear is a great choice; this brand makes their pieces from a material named lyocell, which they claim is smoother than silk and even better than cotton for a comfortable, breathable wear. Calvin Klein undies are another safe bet if you’re not sure what they’re going to like.

#3. Accessories:

Don’t just think about items of clothing when it comes to buying fashion gifts for men – accessories can be just as important to an outfitand are often easier to buy if you’re unsure of somebody’s size. Scarves are a great gift idea during the festive season as they are useful straight away; tartan and checked scarves are right on trend for this year, or if you want to be sure that they can pair the scarf with all their favorite outfits, then play it safe with a plain color like beige or black. Men’s jewelry and watches also make exceptionally nice Christmas gifts; For example, an Angel pendant is a simple yet powerful piece of jewelry that symbolizes protection and guidance for the ones you care about. You can find a wide selection of diamond Angel pendants on ItsHot’s website. if he’s as much into tech as he is fashion then the man in your life will really appreciate a smartwatch, or if he spends a lot of time dressed up and dapper, a pair of cufflinks are a great gift. Useful, versatile neckties are also fabulous gifts for men who spend a lot of time wearing a suit.

#4. Sneakers:

It’s hard to find anybody who doesn’t love sneakers these days – whether they wear them on a regular basis or just for the gym and other activities like hiking and walking. If you’re buying a gift for a man in your life who loves his sneakers, then this should be the obvious choice; just make sure that you know which pairs he’s already got as you don’t want to end up getting him a duplicate. If you want to splash out a bit on an expensive gift, then check out high-end, designer brands such as these Givenchy sneakers available from which you simply can’t go wrong with. Or, stick to brands that you know he already loves and wears – brands like Nike, Adidas, Converse, and Vans are hugely popular and have so many colors and options that you’re sure to find something he doesn’t already have.

#5. Grooming Kits and Fragrances:

Finally, if you’re looking for a stylish gift for a fashion-forward man in your life, but he already has a full wardrobe of all the outfits that he likes to wear, it can be tricky to find a fashion piece that you know he can incorporate into what he already has. So, it might be worth looking into other gifts that he can use to appear his best – grooming kits are a very popular gift and there are a wide range to choose from. If he has a beard that he is proud of, then a beard grooming kit complete with quality trimming tools and luxurious beard oil is going to be his favorite gift this year. And finally, you can’t go amiss with a gorgeous-smelling aftershave.

What are you planning to buy for that stylish man in your life this Christmas?