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5 Top Magical Tourism Points You Must Visit In London

Tourism is the most excellent part of life. Only those are allowed to travel who are financially independent. The positive effects of tourism are impeccable. When everything was going great, the virus pandemic altered the situation. 

A report on Statista mentions that the international tourism revenue of Europe has dropped by about 63% amid the pandemic in 2020. This figure is enormous because it has changed the tourism game into a whole new pattern. 

However, the world is recovering and fighting unpleasant situations. Fortunately, the tourism industry is in blossom again. People are heading toward various destinations to celebrate their important occasions. 

London is one of them. Full of historical and modern architecture, London offers you an evitable touring experience that will hijack your mind. This article presents you with five magical tourist destinations in London for a mesmerizing tour. 

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Let’s start digging deeper:

Magical Tourism Spots Of London:

  • London Eye: The Iconic Ferris Wheel

The London Eye, an iconic Ferris wheel located on Riverside Building, country Hall of Westminster Rd in London. The history of its creation date back to 2000 for the millennium celebrations in London. 

Being the foremost attraction of London, the London Eye is made of glass capsules on the wheel that rises to 443 feet, allowing the tourist to witness a heart-touching view of the city. 

  • London Dungeon: A Flashback Of 1000 Years Of History

If you are someone interested in walking through history and witnessing the memorable time of the past, the London Dungeon is the best place for you to consider it for the tour. The best part of this spot is that it is close to the London Eye and you can visit them both at the same time after one another. 

The London Dungeon is famous for its exclusive show that reveals the history of about 1000 years. You will get a group of guided tours of actors who will take you through the dark history and famous characters, including Sweeny Todd. 

  • Kew Gardens: Royal Gardens

The famous and memorable Kew Gardens, famous for the royal botanic garden where tourists can entertain their mood with the breathtaking view of sunshine rare in London. 

The Kew Garden is situated in Richmond TW9, UK, and it was laid in 1759, covering a 300-acre area. This vast area is perfectly made for wandering with your loved one and spending quality time. 

The nicest part of the Kew Gardens is that you are free to visit it between 10 of morning and 4:15 of the evening without any entrance fee. Besides, this garden hosts many cultural and musical events throughout the year. 

  • Tower Of London: A World-Class Heritage Site

If you visit London and miss touring the Tower of London, you have done it halfway. You cannot resist applauding the beauty and attraction that this tower offers you. 

The Tower of London is a unique place that has performed many roles throughout its existence. Started as a prison, converted into a palace, then a treasure vault, a private zoo, and finally serving as the world heritage site, the Tower of London is an iconic place of history. 

  • St. James’ Park: The Royal Park

London is full of parks and amusement sites. But the chill that the royal parks offer is irreplaceable. St. James’ Park is one of the most remarkable touring sites. 

Its history is rich, and you will be surprised to know that Pelicans have inhabited this park for over 400 years. Many tourist-friendly places surround the park, and you won’t regret visiting St. James’ Park. 


Consider putting these tourist points in your list, and you will solely enjoy every ounce of your vacation trip to London, a city rich in history and a masterpiece of architecture.