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7 critical tips for choosing a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles

A significant number of auto accidents are reported in Los Angeles every week. While you can brush off the minor aspects and injuries related to a fender bender, you should certainly seek legal advice after a serious car accident. In this post, we have shared seven critical tips for choosing a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

  1. Look online. If you know people who have filed a claim before and have worked with an injury lawyer, you can ask for references. There are also online sites with listings of lawyers in LA, which can come in handy. Make a short list of at least four or five firms you wish to contact. The good news is you don’t have to pay the lawyers to review your car accident claim.
  2. Check online reviews. Reviews of lawyers on Google and social media sites can really come in handy for comparing the options. Look for genuine reviews posted on third-party reviews and check if you can find information through details posted by their peers.
  3. Look for specific work profiles. Injury lawyers take different types of cases in their practice, and it makes sense to find someone who specializes in car accident claims. Ask the attorney how often they deal with such claims and whether they have the expertise for your case.
  4. Ask about trials. Because car accident claims rarely go to trial, not many lawyers have experience representing clients in the courtroom. That’s an aspect to consider because you never know whether the case will take a new turn.
  5. Discuss the options. A competent attorney will ensure that the client understands their rights and all legal options. Don’t fall for the tall promises but look for a lawyer who is ready to fight the battle and express every detail so that you have realistic expectations.
  6. Check other expenses. Your lawyer may have to spend on investigation and find more information to ensure that the claim is solid enough to seek compensation. As a client, you may have to pay money for certain things like accident reconstruction expenses, and it is wise to ask for an estimate.
  7. Ask about the lawyer’s fee. Almost all car accident lawyers in LA take a contingency fee, which is not a flat rate but a fixed percentage of the financial compensation you recover after winning the claim. Get a fair idea in advance.

Get an attorney on board soon after the car accident.