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Interesting Water Technology Innovations

The have been some occurrences in the water technology industry that are truly interesting in recent times. As firms around the whole world work hard to solve water issues of one kind or the other, some ideas that are truly inventive come to light. This article offers a quick rundown of some specifically interesting developments that the world has encountered.

  1. In Switzerland, the robotics firm EPFL Biorob has been able to develop a robotic eel that is capable of ‘swimming’ around any water body to search for and discover pollution. The eel’s body is comprised of modules that are easily replaceable which are capable of detecting varying kinds of chemical as well as biological toxicity. Results are then transmitted to a PC that is land-based in real-time without any need to first retrieve the eel.
  2. The Island water technologies firm which is located in Prince Edward Island, Canada is working hard to bring a modular wastewater treatment system that is completely solar-powered into the market. The developers of this amazing technology already have one completed system operating at a remote mining facility that is located in Algeria and they are also testing their amazing technology with the Armed Forces in Canada. What this innovation means is that, when it becomes widely available, the world could see wastewater treatment systems being operated wholly on solar power.
  3. Hitachi, the Japanese industrial giants, just recently finished an assessment as well as upgrade of the water supply system that is in use in Oliena, Sardinia, Italy. Via its energy/water subsidiary, Aulos, the water technology company finished the project with the use of a program of air control as well as pressure management that is truly innovative. In the end, the loss of water was effectively decreased by significantly more than 50% and the energy savings that were realised from extra infrequent pump operation then meant that the costs of the entire project were completely recouped within just one year. This technology could end up seeing the loss of water completely eliminated around the whole world.
  4. Also, Utilis is working hard to see that it completely eliminates water leaks through a detection system that is a lot more precise. The company, which is based in Israel, has developed a technology that is able to analyse satellite imagery to swiftly discover pipe leaks across the whole of a city or town. For municipalities that happen to be struggling with the costs that are associated with infrastructure that happens to be ageing as well as the loss of water, this type of preventative tool can really mean huge savings as well as much shorter periods of outages. Just imagine what the world’s manufacturing sector will be like if there were no outages at all.

Even though these firms are utilising methodologies that are vastly different, they all have just one thing in common. They are all working hard to fully eliminate waste – wasted energy, wasted time, and particularly wasted water. The foremost water technology firms in Australia are working hard to ensure that they help their customers to protect their resources of water in the most efficient and effective ways possible. So why not work with them?