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The Detail Review of PDFelement for Mac version 8.5

PDF is a part of our daily life. Most office jobs involve PDF documents in their operations. This article will explain about PDFelement for Mac version 8.5, an updated version of PDFelement that can help every Mac user in dealing with various PDF documents and the tasks that involve them, such as PDF convert, PDF compress, and so on.

review of PDFelement

The pandemic has hit us all and it has caused major changes to our lives, including how we respond to our daily office work. Prior to early 2020, it was very rare to apply the concept of “remote work” or “work from home”, although, in fact, this concept has been applied since years before as the use of the Internet became widespread. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more office workers are switching to “work from home” and indirectly, the use of PDF documents has increased significantly.

Now that we are entering the New Normal, however, we still have to get used to PDF documents which turn out to be very important in collaborative work. The world will never be the same again…

Therefore, in the future, we will be dealing with PDF documents more often and for that, we must equip ourselves with a special, capable PDF editor. If you are a Mac user, this article will be very useful for you. Keep reading!

Remote work background

Remote work is made possible by the availability of the Internet network. Your boss can delegate some work to you and you can do it at home, then send it back to your boss. In the world of education, the Internet allows a teacher to give lessons to dozens of students without having to meet physically. There are many online applications that support these activities, one of which is Zoom. After the pandemic, things will never be the same again. Remote work will be done more often because it proves to be more practical and reduces costs. The concept of working from home has become a new norm for all of us.

Mac problem

With regards to remote work involving PDF documents, there is one bad news for Macs. Mac is an Apple PC brand that includes the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac, and iMac Pro. This brand is very popular and every Mac device is a strong guarantee for operational reliability. After all, Macs have issues with most PDF editing tools. Most of them are not compatible with Mac and if you are a Mac user, you will have to find your own solution. Of course, it’s not recommended that you replace your Mac with another device. You just need to change your PDF editor. You need to replace those incompatible editors with an editor compatible with your device. We recommend PDFelement and for your information, this editor has been updated with the latest version (for Mac devices) is Wondershare PDFelement for Mac version 8.5

Why PDFelement?

PDFelement is a product of Wondershare, a leading software company. The company regularly updates each of its products, and for Mac devices, the latest version is PDFelement for Mac version 8.5. You can’t expect much more from this editor because it includes so many things you need when it comes to editing your PDF documents. There is a wide range of features on offer, including editing, conversion, annotation, batch processing, and much more.

Interface adapted to Apple systems

PDFelement for Mac version 8.5 has been adapted to Apple systems. The interface is simple but sophisticated. It is full of attractive icons that have removed most of the clutter. There is a choice of dark mode and light mode so you can use this editor anytime and anywhere. There is no effect of environmental lighting at all.

Batch file processing

As an update from previous versions, PDFelement for Mac version 8.5 has handled batch processing very well. For example, if you have the same job on several different files, you can do one command that works on them all at once. You can ensure editing, conversion, compression, and even extraction are done simultaneously and in an orderly sequence. That way you don’t have to do everything one by one.

OCR Features

OCR, which stands for Optical Character Recognition, is a feature that allows editors to digitally copy images and text documents. What this means is that you can turn your physical book into a digital book with this feature. Fortunately, this feature has been updated in version 8.5, featuring a variety of instructive symbols that allow the software to recognize and edit quickly. The OCR feature provided by PDFelement has more capabilities than similar features provided by other editors. It can recognize more than 20 kinds of languages. That means you can “play around” with foreign documents. With the OCR feature, you can also edit digital scans and correct any errors that may exist.

Some other functions:

Not only the “standard functions” above, PDFelement for Mac version 8.5 also provides additional functions as follows:

Navigation: With the navigation feature, you can browse various documents easily. You can even change the appearance of the document and input bookmarks freely.

Combination and Conversion: This latest version of PDFelement allows you to combine two PDF documents into one. This will certainly save you a lot of time.

Print File: Once your job is done, you can print your document with just one button. You just need to enter the connected device and the required copy.

PDF Optimization: Your files are too large? Don’t worry because you can compress it so it doesn’t “eat up too much data”.


With PDFelement for Mac version 8.5, you can handle any PDF document very easily. No more worrying about compatibility, which you might find annoying with other PDF editors. This editing software is specially made for Mac. This is made for you! Are you now interested? Get PDFelement for Mac 8.5 now! We hope this review was helpful. Thank you for your attention!