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Tips to Make the First Bikini Waxing Experience Bangor Maine Less Painful

There is a rumor spread around in the beauty world that only the bravest of hearts willfully choose biking waxing in Bangor Maine spa. With this post we will be straight with our thoughts, getting your first ever bikini wax is never a fun experience unless you take the precaution as our skin there is far more sensitive than any other part.

Tips To Follow Before Your First Bikini Wax Session

Believe it or not, the pre-wax process is just as important as after-care to ensure a seamless, and most importantly painless waxing experience. If you are new to Brazilian wax Bangor Maine, there are a few important tips you need to follow before getting waxed.

Make your choice of bikini wax style and shape

Here are a few of your waxing options: a simple bikini wax pulls out your pubic hair off the bikini line from the follicles. A Brazilian wax removes all of the pubic hair from front to back or a triangle-shaped Brazilian wax shape that removes a; hair from the bikini line from front to back but keeps a triangle shape in the front that looks extremely stunning and hot.

Stop shaving once for all

If you are planning for your first Brazilian wax, you need to quit the use of razor for at least three weeks before your wax appointment in Bangor spa. If you do shaving and then go for a bikini wax, you will experience a hell of pain and itching. Also, it will cause hair to grow back denser. Once you find the professional waxing result as smooth as of new born baby, you should go every four weeks as this will make the hair grow back thinner and also make the future waxes less painful.

Make sure you’re hairy enough to get waxed

Before making an appointment for a spa, make sure your bikini line hair is long enough to go for a Brazilian wax. If your bikini line hair is shorter than the length of rice, the wax will not be able to properly pull the hair from the follicle.

Moisturize and exfoliate before hand

To get the smoothest and long-lasting results, the skin and hair should be healthy and moisturize enough to apply the wax. The best way to moisturize the part is by using a moisturizer or scrub routinely. Exfoliating skin before a week of waxing appointment will remove the layer of dead skin and allow hair to come to the surface so it can be properly pulled from the follicle with no pain.

Take a painkiller about 1hour before waxing

If you are even afraid of bearing low waxing pain, then it’s good to take a painkiller 1 hour before waxing. Painkiller will help to reduce the inflammation and numb the bikini line.

That’s how you can achieve smooth skin all over without being hurt at all. Keeping these tips in mind, you can always have a pain-free bikini waxing session in the Bangor Spa.