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Top 5 Rakhi Designs for Rakhsha Bandhan

In Sanskrit, Raksha Bandhan means “the bond of protection, commitment, and care.” Every region of India and the Indian diaspora celebrate this event. Raksha Bandhan celebrates the strong bond between siblings. On this day, sisters tie rakhis on their brothers’ wrists and offer prayers for their joy and contentment. In exchange, brothers swear to defend them through life’s highs and lows. Despite the distance, sisters frequently send rakhis to their closest brothers in observance of Raksha Bandhan. You can also opt for Flower Delivery in Jalandhar, Mumbai, or any other city in India.

  1. 1. Designer Rakhi

Designer rakhis often depict vintage, colored, traditional, and whimsical themes and are constructed of beads and gemstones. The unique designs and ornate artwork demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship and guarantee unmatched quality. There is a large selection of stunningly designed rakhis. These rakhis seem exceptional due to the fusion of traditional and contemporary styles. Sending your beloved brother designer rakhis would undoubtedly make the celebration of Raksha Bandhan special if you have an eye for style.

  1. 2. Om Rakhi

Om is a spiritual icon with religious connotations. These holy threads bearing the om divine symbol will guard your brother from harm. He shall receive Lord Shiva’s blessings through these beautiful Om rakhis. There is a huge selection of om rakhis that are decorated with the finest traditional patterns. The top designs are also included in this section. Your older brother is ideal for Om rakhis if he is traditional and appreciates the allure of the past.

  1. 3. Ganesh Rakhis

Rakhis of Ganesha are revered and regarded as lucky objects. The elephant-headed deity, Lord Ganesha, is revered as the god of fresh starts and the remover of impediments from our lives. Miniatures of Ganapati and beautiful patterns made with beads or stones can be found on Ganesh rakhis. Your brother will receive the Lord’s blessings if you tie Ganesh rakhis around his wrists. On Raksha Bandhan, sending Ganesh rakhis might serve as a symbol of luck.

  1. 4. Divine Rakhis

Even though rakhi designs have changed throughout time, holy rakhis continue to be very popular. Divine rakhis, which are used for puja, are typically composed of rudraksha, coconut, and other holy objects. These beautiful rakhis, which have been expertly crafted, include pictures of Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, and Goddess Lakshmi, as well as sacred symbols like the swastika and the sree. You could send your brother divine rakhis to safeguard his wellbeing if he is spiritual. He’ll be floored by this act of kindness, which will also help you win his heart.

  1. 5. Special Rakhis

Your relationship with your brother is extremely special. The bond we have with our brothers is as special as the gifting portals that offer modern and funny rakhis. These rakhis that are available showcase the highest level of creativity and originality. The patterns use crochet, paper quilling, resin, and other techniques. The rakhis seem exceptional due to their unusual and elaborate designs. These rakhis were created with all the current fashions in mind. Pick from the extensive selection of distinctive rakhis offered on several portals.