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Why should you choose Government Sector as your Career?

Many employees associate the term public service with a high level of job security and transparent pay. You’re not wrong with that either. Whether as a civil servant, employee or worker: There are a wide variety of professions and employers in the public service. Even many attractive ones: In a recent survey, around 80 percent of managers in the private sector said that they could imagine doing civil service one day. For several reasons. Why the public service is an interesting area of ​​work for many…

Public service: what does it mean?

Government office is a collective term that represents all employment relationships and structures that an intact state needs. This includes that…

  • there is a functioning education and health system (schools, hospitals),
  • developed transport networks and routes exist (traffic planning),
  • a state can protect its citizens, both from external and internal attacks (armed forces, police, fire brigade),
  • this happens on the basis of existing laws (administration, courts).

Sarkari office employees include:

  • Civil servants
  • Judges
  • Soldiers
  • Employees

They perform tasks in administration and in the state. These activities benefit the community as a whole, i.e. the public.

You are responsible for ensuring that the state benefits in India are maintained in the usual form. In short, public sector workers contribute to the good of the community.

Those who work in the public service often aim for a career as a civil servant. Once you have a civil service, you have secured a job for life and you cannot quit. So security is an advantage. In addition, there are the advantages of cheap health insurance, good conditions with, for example, loans and insurance and of course a good pension. But you don’t have to be a civil servant to reap the benefits of Sarkari daftar. The employees of course also receive excellent conditions. This includes good working time models, which is particularly useful for families, good opportunities for further training and promotion, collective agreements and a strong representation of interests through trade unions. The public service offers a high level of job security

Benefits and benefits guaranteed to civil service employees:

  • An official salary that allows you to earn a decent pension.
  • A guaranteed job that is not associated with financial and other crises in the country.
  • Additional benefits: to pay for utilities, travel in public transport, medical care.
  • Obligatory annual leave, the amount of which depends on the length of service.
  • Bonuses regularly paid to employees.

Disadvantages of the public service

In every government office you have to deal with rigid hierarchies, especially in administration, but also in other areas. So here you have little room for maneuver and you have to keep your creativity in check. If you are qualified for several activities, you are not entitled to special tasks, but can be deployed where you are needed. In the case of civil servants, a worsening of the working conditions is possible at any time by law.  Public employers limit their employment contracts more often than many private companies. In public administration, for example, one in ten is only temporarily employed.