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How To Choose The Best TikTok Influencer For Your Brand?

Today, every business and brand is entering TikTok for their business marketing. But, above all, these businesses and brands are trying to use influencer marketing for higher profile reach. But why should you try TikTok influencer marketing or connect with influencers? It’s simple that TikTok exceeds nearly a billion monthly users, and it ranks as the most downloaded app around the world in the list. Hence, if you are still curious to expand your TikTok profile traffic, opt to buy cheap tiktok followers where you can reach massive followers.

Fun Fact: With 28% of Gen Zers whose community has $143 billion of purchasing power using TikTok. 

Yet, if you are looking to grab Gen-Zers attention on TikTok, try to understand the platform’s trends. Besides, it would assist if you connected with the right person to create genuine content on behalf of your brand that builds social proof. Thus, every business or brand should start its influencer marketing using influencers. 

Last, finding the right TikTok influencer needs more than choosing someone with thousands of TikTok followers. It involves performing a comprehensive search and evaluating whether an influencer is a correct fit for your business brand, which will replicate with your potential audience. 

Find TikTok Influencers Through Niche

Like every social media platform, TikTok organizes its video content through hashtags because several TikTok contents consist of branded hashtags. So, of course, it’s an effective option to recognize TikTok influencers appropriate to your brand’s niche. 

These are the following steps to practice while finding your TikTok influencers through niche:

First, navigate to the Discover tab to search hashtags.

Then, use appropriate search queries or keywords to identify relevant influencers posting about niches suitable to your brand. 

Pro Fact: On TikTok, hashtags are an ideal method that helps in finding potential influencers. Besides this, TikTok influencers can consistently use specific hashtags that might have an audience that works best for your brand. So, remember that just because TikTok influencers use the best hashtags, they don’t need to be active and engaging among audiences. 

Identify TikTok Influencers Based On Location

Although TikTok works as a global social media platform, its algorithm sorts the content you see depending on your country and your demographic preference. So, if your product or services are only present in specific countries, you should ensure that your potential influencers have got a connection with more followers. Also, you should choose an influencer based on the location if your brand is hyperlocal, for example, running a local restaurant. 

4 Simple Steps To Find The Best TikTok Influencer For Your brand.

1. Establish Your Goals For TikTok Content Influencers

The best method to do is to look at your brand from the eyes of your potential audience. Also, find what kind of content will your TikTok followers like to view from your profile. For instance, you should work with an Influencer in the same city as you. Or even try the best option to find someone already publicly posting your brand on TikTok. For example, you can choose the TikTok influencer who targets educational content or crazy videos for your followers to engage. So, consider your brand identity and your audience profile and set your targets for the influencers you want to bring on board. 

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2. Conduct Your Research

Just because someone has got a fan following, it doesn’t mean that they will be the best TikTok influencer to work with. These are a few factors to consider before making up your decision: 

  • Understand what type of TikTok videos influencers make and how often they post their content?
  • Do influencers practice the same values as your brand?
  • Check what the influencer’s engagement rate is within the app?

3. Work On Hashtags

On TikTok, use the Discover page on the TikTok app, which is an ideal method to search for appropriate brand hashtags. Even if you exist in a particular niche, chances are there where you will be at least one influencer making the TikTok content. 

For instance, if a TikTok influencer is often using branded hashtags appropriate to your brand, it’s the best option for the brand to choose them. For example, some of the popular TikTok hashtags used by influencers are #blacjbeauty or #melaninpopping. In simple words, influencer marketing hashtags connect with potential audiences by using the ideal option to connect. 

4. Estimate Your Influencer’s Engagement Rate

On TikTok, an influencer’s engagement rate is an ideal factor that should be higher than their follower numbers. Thus, it would help if you connected with influencers who can influence their audience and your followers by creating engaging content strategies. 

Check the formula for how to calculate a creator’s engagement rate:

[(Total Number of likes + Total number of comments + Total number of shares) / Total number of views] X 100%

[(Total Number of likes + Total number of comments + Total number of shares) / Total number of views] X 100%

Things To Remember

In a nutshell, finding the relevant TikTok influencer is just the starting point to building your brand. Next, you should contact the influencer and use them to work with your brand. 

Several influencers will mention their email in their TikTok bio to make it simple to contact them. However, suppose there’s no email; check their website and other social media profiles to find their contact details. This article explained everything about how to build your TikTok profile through influencer marketing to engage your audience and potential customers.